4-й конкурс


4-й Международный конкурс сочинений на английском языке City & Guilds

Выбор профессии
Уровень B. Прочее. Выбор профессии.

The choice of profession

I am Margarita Maloyan. I am 16 and I am in the 9th form.
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Танцы - это искусство!

Уровень В. Мой мир.

 The art of dancing

 Dancing is the art of moving the body in time with the music. Most people dance for fun, but for others it is work. 

21 марта 2014 - Кононец Ирина | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 44495 просмотров
Великий из Великих
Уровень B. Искусство. 

The Great of the Greatest

Can you numerate the greatest poets?
Don't you think that their number is too small?
Who else can glorify the Homeland as Esenin?         
Who else can show us the beauty of the fall?
20 марта 2014 - Шикина Анастасия | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 1842 просмотра
Письмо другу
Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме.

A Letter To Friend

15-61, Sportivniy Proezd, 

Dear Butthead, 
Thanks a lot for your letter! I'm very sorry that I couldn’t answer at once.
20 марта 2014 - Соснин Кирилл | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 38107 просмотров
Сергей Есенин
Уровень B. Искусство. 

Sergei Esenin

Sergei Esenin is our lyrical poet.
He is our literature silhouette.
He was born in December,
And we still do him remember.

Ранее опубликовано:http://tea4er.ru/forum/299--l---r/59613---q---q
20 марта 2014 - Баланина Дарья | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 5387 просмотров
Лучший собеседник

Уровень B. Искусство.

The best companion

The book is our best friend and adviser throughout the life. The main purpose of the book is to cherish human knowledge and impart it to future generations. 

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Влияние социальных сетей на жизнь современных людей.

Уровень B. Прочее.

The influence of social networks on the life of modern people

Everyone knows that the Internet has become very important in our life, and now we can’t imagine our life without visiting our pages in social networks at least once a week. On the one hand, it is good because we can chat with a cousin that runs practice in another country, or former classmates with whom we can’t find time to meet…

20 марта 2014 - Хмелева Анастасия | Подробнее | 2 комментария | 58727 просмотров
Мое хобби
Уровень B. Прочее.

My hobby

When l was 8, I learnt to play the piano. Sometimes children did not want to go to a musical school. But I wanted to play music. By the way, when my mother brought me to the musical school, she believed I had no ear for music. But I was admitted. I was very happy. But why did I choose this way?
19 марта 2014 - Сарибекян Анна | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 5431 просмотр

Уровень B. Прочее.                  


Nowadays the Internet is the most popular kind of mass media. People use it all over the world. Strange as it may seem that some years ago people did not know about the Internet. But now it is as common as mobile phone. And it has pros and cons. And now I will speak about it.

19 марта 2014 - Пикаленко Роман | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 57485 просмотров
Уровень B. Прочее.


Now I am going to speak about one of the most popular vital problems of the day. The problem is about being a vegan or a vegetarian. Everybody has his own opinion. But now I will try to explain mine.
19 марта 2014 - Пикаленко Роман | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 65243 просмотра
Польза хобби
Уровень B. Прочее.

Use of hobby

Hobby is a great way to relax from your problems. Besides job, everybody needs something to do. And now I will try to explain this vital problem of the day.
19 марта 2014 - Пикаленко Роман | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 6550 просмотров
Пасхальные каникулы

Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме. 

Easter holidays

Dear Diana,
Thanks for your last letter. I got it a couple of days ago. Sorry, I couldn’t answer at once because I was very busy at school. How are the things with you?

18 марта 2014 - Аксенова Татьяна | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 7866 просмотров
О современных гаджетах

Уровень B. Мой мир.  

About modern gadgets

We live in the 21st century. It is the age of technologies and information. Nowadays the majority of people use modern gadgets. 

18 марта 2014 - Соснин Кирилл | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 58908 просмотров
Дорогой Том
Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме. 

Dear Tom


Dear Tom,

I got your letter several days ago. Sorry, I had no time to answer you at once because there were some problems with English at school. But I will try to write a long letter to you now.
Изучать английский? Где?

Уровень B. Прочее.

To Learn English? Where?

Some people say that it is better to learn English at their country. Other people consider that learning English abroad is more effective. I faced this problem, tried to think it over, and I’ve come to the conclusion: learning English abroad is much better. 

18 марта 2014 - Селифанова Анастасия | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 1988 просмотров
Чтение полезно

Уровень B. Прочее.

The use of reading

No matter how many times people have spoken about the role of reading, I’d like to express my point of view too. I am absolutely sure that reading is very important in our life. We really can't imagine our world without books, texts, and words. Why?

18 марта 2014 - Селифанова Анастасия | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 38384 просмотра
Мечты и цели

Уровень B. Классическое эссе.

Dreams and goals

«At first dreams seem impossible, then improbable and eventually inevitable» — the great quotation of an American actor and producer Christopher Reeve. That statement accurately illustrates the process of transferring from dream to goal.

18 марта 2014 - Артур Бегян | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 30755 просмотров
Свадьба брата
Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме. 

Brother's wedding


Dear Ann,

I wanted to write a letter to you long ago, and there was an occasion. 
17 марта 2014 - Киселева Елизавета | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 16456 просмотров
О моем профиле
Уровень B. Прочее.

About my major

The economic major gives me a chance to gain an extensive knowledge of the organization and management of cash flows of the enterprises, bank and insurance business, features of a political system of different countries.
17 марта 2014 - Киселева Елизавета | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 3398 просмотров
Что значит получить хорошее образование

Уровень B. Мой мир.

What does it mean to get a good education?

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О диетах

Уровень B. Классическое эссе.

About diets

I would like to tell about diets. Some people say that diets are very useful for health. Others claim that diets are harmful for people. I support the former point of view, and I will try to prove it to you.

17 марта 2014 - Киселева Елизавета | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 59940 просмотров
Дисциплина или талант?
Уровень B. Классическое эссе.

Discipline or talent?

Some people say that discipline is very important in modern life. But other people suppose that talent plays the greatest role nowadays. Which point of view is right? Now let me introduce my opinion. As for me, I am for discipline.
17 марта 2014 - Жалялова Лилия | Подробнее | 2 комментария | 127725 просмотров
Письмо другу
Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме.

A Letter To Friend


Dear Dima,

I’ve just received your letter! I was waiting for it so long! Thank you for not forgetting to write to me. I'm always very glad to get your letters.
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Письмо Даниилу
Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме.
Letter to Daniel

Dear Daniel,
Thanks for your letter. I was so glad to receive it. I’m sorry I haven’t answered earlier, but I was really busy. I was having exams. How are you keeping? Everything is fine with me.
17 марта 2014 - Андриянова Юлия | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 6229 просмотров
Почему я выбрала медицину?
Уровень B. Прочее.

Why have I chosen a medicine

«Biology is the base of many sciences, including Medicine, Sociology, and Ecology», – wrote the great Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov, and he was fairly true because the knowledge of Biology does not only allow to compose a scientific picture of the world but also can be used for practical purposes.
17 марта 2014 - Безбородова Анна | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 6193 просмотра
Письмо другу
Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме.

Letter to a friend

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Стволовые клетки

Уровень B. Прочее.

Stem Cells

It is a well-known fact that nowadays it is much spoken about Stem Cells and their influence on the human organism. People are arguing about their utility and side effects. That's why the Government hasn’t made a final decision about financing the researches in this branch of biology. As for me, I think that the state should invest money in Stem Cell Researches.

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Современные технологии

Уровень В. Прочее 

Modern technologies

I want to touch upon the problem of modern technologies. To my mind, people can’t live without them. TV, telephones, radio, the Internet, e-books, and many other devices are very useful and important things in our life.

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Письмо другу

Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме.

Letter to my friend


Dear Mark,

I’m fine. Thank you for your letter. I was very astonished when I got it. 
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Письмо подруге
Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме.

The letter to the friend

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