4-й конкурс


4-й Международный конкурс сочинений на английском языке City & Guilds

Мое любимое место
Уровень B. Мой мир.

My favorite place

My favorite place isn't town. It is a small island on the Volga river. I go there with my family in summer.
28 марта 2014 - Мерзлова Дарья | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 66444 просмотра
Любимое место на земле
Уровень A. Мой мир.

My Favorite Place on Earth

My name is Valentina. I am 10. I am in the third form at school.
28 марта 2014 - Валентина Томащук | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 8466 просмотров
Кто-то сказал, что трава зеленее у соседей в саду...
Уровень C. Прочее.

The grass is always greener by the other side of the fence

Living in a "global village" people can leave their native countries for other places in search of better life. Some people say it is a great way to change our life, but others are not sure that migration makes sense.

28 марта 2014 - Соколикова Лиза | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 13040 просмотров
Искусство в моей жизни
Уровень B. Искусство. 

Art in my live

Everyone can do what he wants. We learn, work, walk the streets, go to the seaside. This routine will sooner or later get tired. 
27 марта 2014 - Ольга Первачева | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 26741 просмотр
Если вдруг мы с Вами повстречаемся
Уровень C. Мой мир.

If you ever happen to meet me

To my Kindle that at times I cannot find enough time for
27 марта 2014 - Капорская Любовь | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 4409 просмотров
Храброе сердце
Уровень B. Прочее.

The Brave

It's a story about friendship. It's a story about courage. It's a story about a shy and a bit cowardly boy who became a hero.
Я учу английский язык
Уровень A. Мой мир.

I study English

My name is Alyona. I live in Mordovia, Rossia. I am a pupil of the 2nd form.
27 марта 2014 - Ефремова Алёна | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 4681 просмотр
Письмо другу
Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме. 

A letter to a friend 

Flat 34
24 Fruit Street
Cheboksary 428000
March 27, 2014

Dear Anna,

      Many thanks for your letter- it was great to hear from you. I’m sorry I haven’t written for ages, but I’ve been really busy. How are things with you?
27 марта 2014 - Смирнова Ирина | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 1996 просмотров
Если я была бы правителем
Уровень B. Мой мир.

If I ruled the world

If I ruled the world, the first thing I’d do is prevent disease and homelessness in our world. I think that’s a big problem of mankind. I’d make our medicine free for all people. Not everybody can afford treatment in hospitals. I’d make rich people build new houses for poor people, because every person needs a warm apartment.
27 марта 2014 - Царева Екатерина | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 14415 просмотров
Письмо другу

Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме.                                                                       

A letter to a friend 

Dear Julia,

I want to tell you about my best friend .I have a few good friends at school. But my best friend does not go to my school. Her name is Christina.

27 марта 2014 - Кузнецова Дарья | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 5372 просмотра
Мой мир. В чем смысл жизни?
Уровень A. Мой мир.

What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of my life? This issue has always been relevant. Man must find themselves and move forward in a definite path. But this is a question without an answer.
26 марта 2014 - Ремизова Анастасия | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 15214 просмотров
Почему я учу английский язык?
Уровень B. Почему я учу английский язык?

Studying of languages is very popular today. English is the native language for 12 nations and it is official for 33 nations. More than 350 billion people speak English around the world. In addition, a half more of million people use this language at home or work.

26 марта 2014 - Зайнутдинова Ильмира | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 10029 просмотров
Моя будущая профессия
Уровень В. Мой мир.

My future profession

Future profession is a very important choice in every human life. Sooner or later everybody thinks about the profession. There are a lot of interesting professions in the world and I'd love to learn a few of them. It is very difficult to make a choice once and not to make a mistake. But desires don’t always coincide with possibilities.
26 марта 2014 - Тюрихова Виктория | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 97412 просмотров
Хочу в Британию
Уровень B. Великобритания и City & Guilds. 

I want to Britain

Now I am going to speak about one of the most important vital problems of the day. I would like to speak about Britain and why it attracts people.

25 марта 2014 - Пикаленко Роман | Подробнее | 1 комментарий | 13379 просмотров
Моя будущая профессия
Уровень В. Мой мир.

My future profession

I am a first year student. I study Information Security of Automated Systems. And I think it fits me. I decided to master this profession, because I would like to know things that other people do not know and understand.
25 марта 2014 - Москаленко Кирилл | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 11253 просмотра
Любовь ранит?
Уровень С. Прочее.

Love hurts?

Love hurts? Is it true? Let me try to explain what I mean.
25 марта 2014 - Наталья Воронова | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 5102 просмотра
Мое любимое время года
Уровень B. Прочее.

My favourite season of the year

Everybody has his or her favourite season of the year. Some people like winter with its snow, some people like spring with its awakening nature. As for me, I like all the seasons. But every season has its pros and cons. And now I will try to explain it.

25 марта 2014 - Пикаленко Роман | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 16072 просмотра
Почему я участвую
Уровень B. Великобритания и City & Guilds. 

Why do I participate?

Lots of students all over the world study English. But most of them know nothing about such an International Contest of Compositions as City & Guilds holds. It is a prestigious contest where you can post your compositions and letters. And now I am going to explain why I have chosen it.

25 марта 2014 - Пикаленко Роман | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 3043 просмотра
Мой любимый актер
Уровень В. Искусство.

My favourite actor

Hello, my name is Ivan. I want to tell you about my favorite actor.
25 марта 2014 - Иван Сахаров | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 29105 просмотров
Почему я учу английский язык?
Уровень B. Почему я учу английский язык?                      

Why do I learn English?

The weather has been nasty since yesterday. Nevertheless I am not sad. I know that in some hours I will have a little spare time. I will take my favourite sonnets by Shakespeare, and they will warm me and fill my soul with life, hope and love.
25 марта 2014 - Перегудова Дарья | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 2687 просмотров

Уровень B. Прочее.

The role of the family in our life

The debate about the role of the family in our life has been going on for decades therefore there's no doubt that there are opposite sides to this problem. Some people think the most important thing is a family. Though others think that nowadays money plays a more important role and firstly you must earn a lot of money and then think about your private life.

24 марта 2014 - Валерия Шинакова | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 36509 просмотров
Два заклятых врага
Уровень B. Прочее.

Two eternal enemies

In a wonderful country of English Grammar there lived two eternal enemies: Article A and Article The. They were constantly arguing about which of them was more important. And once, the articles appealed to the residents of the country so that they would settle their eternal debate.
24 марта 2014 - Баланина Дарья | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 1932 просмотра
Почему я учу английский язык

Уровень B. Почему я учу английский язык?

Why am I studying English?

Studying of the English language is very important nowadays. It’s an international language which is spoken by millions of people in the world. Thanks to it world deals are being made, different argumentation have been stroke and question on international level. It’s the language uniting people from different parts of our planet almost each 5th person of our planet speaks the English language.

24 марта 2014 - Юлия Кудиярова | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 4114 просмотров
Почему я учу английский язык
Уровень B. Почему я учу английский язык?

Why do I learn English?

Why do I learn the English language? English is the first international language. I began to learn English in the second form, and now I have been learning this language for some years. I like English. This is one of the most important languages in the modern world.
23 марта 2014 - Тимофей Беляков | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 2374 просмотра
Деньги - корень зла

Уровень B. Классическое эссе.

Money is the root of all evil

There is an old statement:  “Money is the root of all evil”. For many centuries people's minds have been bothered with the problem whether money is a good thing or not and still they cannot come up with the exact answer.

23 марта 2014 - Евгения Воробьева | Подробнее | 1 комментарий | 28291 просмотр
Это был прекрасный сон...
Уровень B. Великобритания и City & Guilds. 

It was a wonderful dream...

It was a wonderful dream…

In winter I was in the UK. I was invited by my friend Jack who lived in London. I was lucky enough to take part in the most popular British holiday – Christmas.
23 марта 2014 - Ромащенко Алексей | Подробнее | 9 комментариев | 13491 просмотр
Что такое искусство?
Уровень A. Искусство.

What is art?

What is art? I think it’s way for people to show their inner world, their thoughts and wishes.
21 марта 2014 - Потапова Анастасия | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 3105 просмотров
Уровень B. Искусство. 

The poet 

Notoriety and scandals are his essence,
But he wouldn`t like to live in the dead silence.
For what we live if we hide the verity?
21 марта 2014 - Алешина Мария | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 1721 просмотр
Почему прошлого не вернуть?

Уровень B. Искусство.

Why can’t we put back the clock?

Once upon a time I woke up burning with the desire to find a key to this dilemma. That cloudy morning welcomed me with a cup of warm pleasant tea and a honey fragrance of just picked off lilies. The tea took away my shivering caused by chilly doleful weather. A familiar sense of serenity and cosiness imbued all my entity. I looked at an old garden so dear to my heart. That tumbledown arbor braided with a vine, the old cherry-trees, a rusted toy, and a ramshackle nestling box seemed like the pages of an old-fashioned and lost book you adore to reread time and again. The leafage sparkling with drops of fresh August rain reminded me of my childhood passed here with my granny and grandpa. It was the last summer of my childhood, of insouciance, and tranquility before my step in forward, a step to a stressful and ebullient life. I just wanted to stop this ruthless time… I did not really want to leave that “creek of my soul”…

21 марта 2014 - Жалялова Лилия | Подробнее | 2 комментария | 106893 просмотра
Поездка в Москву
Уровень B. Прочее

The Trip to Moscow

In mid-March, I had to go to Moscow, as I went through the correspondence form Olympiad in Informatics, held a full-time in that city.


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