4-й конкурс


4-й Международный конкурс сочинений на английском языке City & Guilds

Мой любимый фильм
Уровень А. Искусство.

My favourite film

I like movies directed by Hayao Miyazaki. My favorite film is “My Neighbor Totoro”.
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Кадетская мама
Уровень B. Мой мир.

Cadets’ mom

It is a complex task to be a teacher. When I entered the cadet class I got a lot of friends, not only among classmates, but teachers as well. 
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Только живи. Ради меня.
Уровень A. Искусство.

Only live. For me…

After watching movies and reading books about Percy Jackson (by Rick Riordan), it seemed to me that there should be one important detail. I would like to continue the story about the two demigods, who saved Olympus from Kronos. I wrote an extension to the story of their lives.
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase married, their children were born. Everything seemed fine, but… Percy Jackson was sent to search, from which he never returned alive.
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Почему люди ходят в колледж или университет?
Уровень B. Классическое эссе.

Why do people attend college or university?

Nowadays a lot of people go to college. Colleges give people an opportunity to have a prestigious job,find new friends and develop their knowledge.
30 марта 2014 - Егорова Диана | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 24216 просмотров
Визит к моим дедушкам и бабушкам
Уровень A. Мой мир.

A visit to my grandparents

I’d like to tell you about my grandparents. As a matter of fact I have two grandmothers and two grandfathers. My father’s parents live not far from us and we see them quite often. But my mother’s parents live in the village. It is situated not far from our city.
30 марта 2014 - Проценко Алина | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 22718 просмотров
Король и Живописец
Уровень A. Мой мир.

The King and the Painter

Once upon a time there was a King who liked to paint pictures. But his pictures were bad.
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Полли нравится учить английский язык
Уровень A. Мой мир.

Polly likes to learn English

I like to learn English. Polly likes to learn English too. Polly is a nice big parrot. When I do my English lessons, Polly is in my room. It listens and repeats the words.
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Моя семья
Уровень A. Мой мир.

My family

Let me say a few words about my family. It consists of three persons: my father, my mother and me. My father’s name is Alex He is thirty  five. My mother’s name is Oksana. She is thirty two. I love them very much.
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Уровень B. Прочее.

An outline of the computers 

Nowadays there are many different inventions which play an important role in our live. The computer is one of such inventions. Some people say that computers are very useful, others are against them.
30 марта 2014 - Осипов Эдуард | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 27953 просмотра
Уровень A. Мой мир.


It is not surprising that millions of people all over the world spend their holidays travelling. It broadens our impressions, gives a possibility to see other countries and continents, modern towns, and of course, travelling by itself is a good rest.
30 марта 2014 - Грабельникова Дарина | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 10409 просмотров
Мой город
Уровень B. Мой мир. 

My Town 

I live in the most beautiful town in Russia. It is Cheboksary the capital of Chuvashia. It stands on the Volga river located on the right bank. 
30 марта 2014 - Кузнецова Дарья | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 194226 просмотров
Почему я выбрала экономику?
Уровень B. Прочее.

Why have I chosen the economics?

Economy plays a very great role in our life. Some people say that economy is not important, but it is wrong. Economy gives us very much, and that’s why we should study Economics.
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Письмо другу
Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме. 

A letter to a friend

19 Elmenya Street
Cheboksary 428000
March 30, 2014

Dear Nina,

Thank you for your letter. I’m very happy to get it. It’s been such a long time since we wrote to each other? How are you and your family?
30 марта 2014 - Мерзлова Дарья | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 19544 просмотра
Письмо другу

Уровень B. Мой мир.

A letter to a friend 

Flat 99
40 Grasisa Street
Cheboksary 428000
March 25, 2014

Dear Josh,

Thank you for your letter. Sorry for not writing so long. I congratulate you on the victory in the football match.
30 марта 2014 - Царева Екатерина | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 8395 просмотров
Мой мир.

Уровень В. Мой мир.

My world

In this work I would like to talk about myself, my interests, family, friends and about other things, related to my life. My name is Kate.

30 марта 2014 - Ненашева Катя | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 4469 просмотров
Страна вверх тормашками
Уровень B. Искусство.

Why Downunder – Why Upside Down?

Hello, my dear courageous friend! I’m very glad to meet you on board of my yacht “Inspiration”! As you see, I’m the captain of this wonderful ship, and just being an old salt, I’ve an insuperable inclination to travel. Join me, and you’ll see all the beauty of the place we’re going to visit! Then you’ll find the answer to the main question: “Why Downunder –Why Upside Down?”
30 марта 2014 - Жалялова Лилия | Подробнее | 2 комментария | 14240 просмотров
Почему я учу английский язык?
Уровень B. Почему я учу английский язык?

Why do I learn English?

Hi! My name is Aygerim. I live in Toktogul. I am at school in the tenth form. There I have many friends, but the best of them is Aydana.
30 марта 2014 - Джаманкулова Айгерим | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 5510 просмотров

Уровень A. Первые слова. 


There are a lot of animals. They live in different parts of the world.

30 марта 2014 - Абдулганиев Арсланбек | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 44140 просмотров

Уровень A. Мой мир.


Makhachkala is the capital of my republic. It is situated at the Caspian Sea. About one million people live here.

30 марта 2014 - Меджидова Марьям | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 24776 просмотров
Моя Магия

Уровень A. Первые слова. 

My Magic

I have got a pet. Its name is Magic. It is a kitten. It is grey. It is very kind. Magic likes when I play with it. But it doesn't like to bathe. It also likes when I brush it. It likes jumping and skipping. I like my kitten.

29 марта 2014 - Алибекова Ашура | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 2079 просмотров
Мы можем сделать это для природы?

Уровень B. Мой мир.

Can we do it for nature?

“Modern Society will find no solution on the ecological problem unless it takes a serious look at its lifestyle”.
                                                                                                                                                                    John Paul

Моя жизнь

Уровень A. Мой мир

My life

I am Karina and I live in Daghestan. We are proud of our hospitality and family traditions.
29 марта 2014 - Абдуллабекова Карина | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 2911 просмотров
Владеть другим языком - это как иметь вторую душу
Уровень B. Мой мир.

To know two languages is to possess a second soul

I live in Russia. Here we speak Russian. It is one of the richest, but the most difficult language in the world.
29 марта 2014 - Ковбасюк Дмитрий | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 6113 просмотров
Мы создаём, а не встречаем свою судьбу.

Уровень B. Прочее.

We don’t meet our fate — we make it.

“ There are no chances in our fate; we rather make them and meet our fate.” L.N.Tolstoi
I remember a lot of things in these latter days. Fortunately, I have something to look back at.

I got up very early, it was nearly eight o’clock. I switched on my laptop, but in the event I couldn’t talk to anybody because all people who I used to write were sleeping. It happened so, lag time was six hours, that’s why in London it was difficult to connect with people from faraway Magnitogorsk, where I was from. 

Мотивационное письмо

Уровень B. Прочее

Motivation letter

I am Artur Begyan, citizen of Russia, Saratov. I am 15 years old. I have been studying at Lyceum 62 for 9 years. Now I am in ninth grade. In addition, my favorite subject at school is economics. I have always been interested in business, because my father runs a small business and, for the most part, I have been influenced by my father.

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Искусство и его роль в нашей жизни

 Уровень В. Прочее.

Art and its role in modern life

Nobody can imagine his life without art. It is role in our life is tremendous. Art develops sense of beauty, such qualities as kindness, sympathy it teaches us to hate cruelty. Art makes our life more interesting and  increases our cultural level.
29 марта 2014 - Семёнова Диана | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 42963 просмотра
Моя киска Треня

Уровень А. Мой мир.

My pussy Tryonya

My cat’s name is Tryonya. She is grey-white-red. She has got big yellow eyes, so she's very pretty. Tryonya is funny and clever cat, and I like to play with her at home. I teach my cat to various tricks with the ball. 

29 марта 2014 - Ангелова София | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 1960 просмотров
Почему мы не любим неуверенных в себе людей?

Уровень C. Прочее. 

Why We Do Not Like People Who Are Unsure Of Themselves?

Have you ever met a person who does not have enough self-confidence? I guess, you have. I also suppose you were not very pleased with talking to him/her, especially if your conversation was about that very person. But have you ever thought why?

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Когда потеряно все, остается только будущее

 Уровень B. Прочее.                     

When all else is lost, the future still remains

Life is unpredictable and no one can say what's awaiting for them next moment.
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О себе
Уровень A. Мой мир.

It's me

Hello, I am Liza! I am six. I feel happy. I’ll go to school soon.
28 марта 2014 - Лиза Фрибус | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 1833 просмотра


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