4-й конкурс


4-й Международный конкурс сочинений на английском языке City & Guilds

Уровень B. Документы, письма, резюме. 

   Dear Karen,
    Thanks for your letter. I was very glad to hear from you. I got your letter four days ago. Sorry, I couldn't answer at once. I was very busy. I was preparing for my exams. How are you keeping?
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Начало путешествия Тарама

Уровень A. Прочее.

The beginning of Taram's travel

It happened some creatures were sent to the Earth whith the germ of life. I gave my word to keep this secret.

31 марта 2014 - Алиханова Заира | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 4280 просмотров
Уровень B. Мой мир.

The Ural

There are clean and pure rivers, a lot of pine trees, fir trees,  birches, and poplars. They stretch up to the blue clear sky and the bright sun. 

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Производство сливочного мороженого

Уровень B. Прочее.

How ice cream is produced                

Hello! I go to Ramenskaya Gymnasia. My major is Biology. That’s why I am interested in the structure and composition of many things. It also concerns the production of food products.

31 марта 2014 - Кученкова Анна | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 13796 просмотров
Роль учителя в нашей жизни
Уровень B. Прочее.

                           The Role of A Teacher in Our Lives

When I saw an article on the internet about Pokrovsky dynasty I decided to think about the role teachers play in our life. The total pedagogical experience of the teachers of Pokrovsky dynasty makes more than 380 years. 
31 марта 2014 - Французова Виолетта | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 9787 просмотров
Спектакль «Бег»
Уровень B. Искусство.

Play "Running"

I want to talk about the Bulgakov's play "Running", because I like theater, literature and art. 
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Моя будущая профессия
Уровень B. Мой мир.

My future job

     I believe that every person should find his place in life and choose the right profession. It was my childhood dream to serve in the army. It is a difficult and responsible job. I'd like to do this job because I love my homeland.
31 марта 2014 - Дубраков Степан | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 47190 просмотров
Мой любимый учитель
УровенУровень B. Мой мир.

My Favorite Teacher

A person who played a great role in my life is neither a famous actor, nor an artist. She is a teacher from a small rural school.
31 марта 2014 - Захарова Валерия | Подробнее | 1 комментарий | 8109 просмотров
Почему я учу английский язык?
Уровень B. Почему я учу английский язык?

Why do I learn English?

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Irazieva Patimatzagrat and I can also add that I am a second-year student of the Faculty of Foreign languages, which gives me great pleasure. I always did well at school and my favourite subject was physics there. Consequently, I have never thought that I would enter this faculty, though I have always been keen on languages.
Голубые глаза Вьетнама
Уровень В. Мой мир.

The Blue Eyes of Vietnam

I am engaged in Vietnamese martial arts. I like to master the flexibility and speed of the Oriental movements, I like to comprehend the philosophical concept underlying this practice. It’s  not only the development of physical strength and agility, but training dignity and humanity that attract me in this martial arts. I always wanted to know better people who created this art of fighting. That's why I was really happy to find out that my club of martial arts and I was going to Vietnam for training with Masters.
31 марта 2014 - Лях Валерия | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 7295 просмотров
Энн Ширли
Уровень A. Прочее.

Anne Shirley

Anne Shirley is the heroine of novels by Canadian writer Lucy Montgomery.

“Anne of Green Gables” is the story about the red-haired dreamer who wants to find her place in life. The orphan is deprived of love, dreams of having true family. She just needs love and care.
31 марта 2014 - Арсланбекова Гульмира | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 5020 просмотров
Теперь я знаю
Уровень B. Мой мир.

Now I Know

Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition. Jacques Barzun

The result of professional activity in many spheres is obvious. Teachers work for result in the future; they overcome huge difficulties in the present. Do we know how difficult it is to work with children who are young to understand many things?
31 марта 2014 - Чернова Настя | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 3024 просмотра
Мой учитель
Уровень B. Мой мир.

My Teacher

Youth for me… is Nakhimov Naval School, where I studied in 2006-2009. Even now, with a trembling heart I remember my truly beloved school. 
31 марта 2014 - Цопа Дмитрий | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 3121 просмотр
Белые ночи, мосты, фонтаны и бродячий пёс
Уровень В. Прочее.

White nights, bridges, fountains and stray dog

Two years ago, during  summer holidays my mom, my sister and I went to St Petersburg. It decided to go by  “Sapsan” train, it was the first time we travelled by that train. The road took us about four hours. There was air conditioning, convenient armchairs and comfortable conditions. We got quickly and we almost didn’t get tired. Our first impressions were wonderful!
31 марта 2014 - Полина Лях | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 11149 просмотров
Мои увлечения
Уровень A. Первые слова. 

My hobbies

My name is Rasul. I am eight. I live in Izberbash. 
31 марта 2014 - Алибеков Расул | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 3988 просмотров
Фанатка футбола
Уровень A. Мой мир.

Football fan

I am Aminat. I live in Izberbash. It may seem strange but I am a football fan.
31 марта 2014 - Маджидова Аминат | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 11360 просмотров
Настольный теннис

Уровень A. Мой мир.

Table tennis

Table tennis is a fascinating game. People of different age can play it.

31 марта 2014 - Гасанова Раисат | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 39620 просмотров
Я и футбол
Уровень A. Мой мир.

Football and me

I am Amir. I live in Izberbash. It is near the Caspian Sea.
30 марта 2014 - Джамаев Амир | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 11169 просмотров
Мой мир
Уровень В. Мой мир

My world

My name is Ann. My surname is Chernyavskaya. I am eleven years old. I am a beautiful girl with big brown eyes, long brown hair, a straight nose, thin lips and rosy cheeks. I am a very sociable, generous, kind and friendly person.
30 марта 2014 - Чернявская Анна | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 8512 просмотров
Уровень A. Мой мир.


I like playing football. It's my favourite game.
30 марта 2014 - Мурадов Запир | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 43710 просмотров
Мой домашний питомец
Уровень A. Первые слова

My pet

I have got a cat. It’s name is Margosha.
30 марта 2014 - Бахмудова Амина | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 214094 просмотра
Мое любимое время года

Уровень A. Первые слова 

My favourite season

My favourite season is summer.The weather is very hot in summer.

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О педагогическом подвиге учителя
Уровень B. Мой мир.

Teacher’s profession: devotion through lifetime

It’s a well known fact that teaching is a very difficult job of great responsibility and most specific character. Needless to say, teaching is an exacting job because a teacher should correspond with many requirements.

30 марта 2014 - Безносюк Виктория | Подробнее | 1 комментарий | 27299 просмотров
Зачем учиться?
Уровень A. Мой мир.                                           

Why to study?

No doubt that education plays a very important role in our life. It develops all sides of human personality, reveals his abilities.
30 марта 2014 - Пантелиенко Анна | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 14412 просмотров
Мой родной город
Уровень A. Мой мир.

                                            My native town

I was born and live in Gorlovka, Ukraine. My town is very beautiful. It was named in honour of engineer Gorlov P. N., who found the coal.
30 марта 2014 - Михайлов Данил | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 47452 просмотра
О себе
Уровень A. Мой мир.

About myself

Hi! I am Dima Semenov. I live in Gorlovka. It is in Donetsk region. My city is beautiful. It is a city of miners and chemists. It’s very green in spring when the trees and flowers are in blossom.
30 марта 2014 - Семенов Дмитрий | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 7548 просмотров
Мой день рождения
Уровень A. Мой мир.

My birthday

Today is the 31st of January. It is my birthday. Today I am ten. It is Sunday and I do not go to school.
30 марта 2014 - Кравченко Карина | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 36079 просмотров
Добрые слова


Уровень A. Первые слова.


Once upon a time there were kind words and people called them Well done, Clever, Nice. And they lived in peace and friendship. 
О cебе
Уровень A. Мой мир.

About Myself

I’d like to tell about myself. My name is Danil. I live in the Ukraine. It’s a very beautiful country. My family lives in Gorlovka, it’s in Donetsk region. I study at school. I’m in the fifth form. I like to study but I don’t like some subjects.

30 марта 2014 - Тутов Данил | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 3023 просмотра
Здоровое питание
Уровень B. Прочее.

Healthy nutrition

I believe everyone thought, at least once, about healthy nutrition and its benefits, about the food products that are preferable and those that either must be excluded from one’s food ration or their consumption should be limited. I also thought about this problem.
30 марта 2014 - Французова Виолетта | Подробнее | 0 комментариев | 67995 просмотров


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