Топик 94. (C). Условные единицы - пьеса про любовь

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Коновалова Татьяна. СГУ имени Н.Г. Чернышевского, Саратов, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Conditional Features (Uslovnye edinicy) - the Play About Love

Once I was invited to the theatre and I thought: "Oh, you invite me to watch some classical play", but the answer was the following: "Conditional features, the play about love, it is modern by the way." It happened in november, the 22nd of november to be exact, at Drama theatre named after I.A. Slonova but I will remember this event for a long time - everything that has happened with the characters of the play may happen with me, or with you, or somebody else.

The main idea is simple: two neighbours live next to each other, he and she are alone and suffer from this loneliness and they dream aboutlife in love and beauty with his or her partner. They are up in the clouds and they are disturbed by these conditionals in their lives. The conditionals prevent them from any relations, and from love to each other as well. He is fond of football, she likes everything glamourous. Certainly the story of their relations should end happily (I will not tell you the end of the play, maybe some of you have not watched it yet, it will be not interesting then to watch it though the play of the actors itself is great).

It is worth speaking about the impressions of the play, not about the plot of the play. I will be understood by those who have watched or read "Bridget Jones`s Diary" as the part of the stage, where the girl lives, reflects brightly, from my point of view, Bridget. And if we look at another part of the stage, we will see that this one reflects the character of the book "Billy`s Log" by Dougie Brimson because there is a man who lives alone in his small flat, likes football immenselyand drinks a lot of beer, etc. The characters are clear-cut. I wish to highlight the idea expressed in the play - we all live in the world of the conditionals that dont let a man and a woman communicate - the characters of the play speak this out without any fear. And it seems that the main characters help us to ring up the curtain that is in front of our eyes!

We are all afraid of these conditionals and we all live in the world of stereotype power that a man should make a first step, etc, maybe it is better not to pay attention to such trifles and simply be oneselves as it is rather difficult to lie, to pretend so on and so on...just why? Why do we do this, why do we complicate our lives and the lives of others, anyway the cat will be out of the bag either we wish it or not.

P.S.: Its worth watching - it is urgent for young people of 20 up to 30 years old who are alone and dream about the partner but he or she does not venture to make the first step.



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