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Greater Portugal

Portugal is the land where the earth ends and begins the sea. It is hard to imagine another country whose name is so clear…

Portuguese traditionally distinguished by honesty, here you can be confident that you will surrender without further reminder, you can forget the purse and return to him the next day, having received it safe and sound. Yet now, in Portugal a lot of immigrants and we must be careful, as in the world.

Portuguese, unlike their neighbors the Spaniards, are receptive to other languages. The Portuguese are friendly, not flashy and not aggressive. People they are family. So far, especially in small towns forseveral generations living together under one roof, youth work, and old men sit with their grandchildren. Portuguese love national wine and love coffee. Particularly worth noting that nowhere in Europe do not have such cheap, home, cozy restaurant with excellent food.

It makes sense to buy in Portugal? Course shoes. Portugal ranks second in Europe for the production of footwear and the first of its quality. You can also buy beautiful handbags, purses, notebooks, shoes and other unique items from jams. In Portugal is the high quality of gold. So it is impossible to leave the country without buying the world famous port and wine. Portugal attracts tourists and pure ocean and the mild climate, as well as affable and friendly people. One of the resorts in Portugal, namely the Madeira, a few years, Columbus has lived with his family and to Porto Santo preserved house of Columbus.

Portuguese cuisine is a kind of landmark of the country. It is explained by the fact that for a long time, Portugal was virtually isolated from the rest of the world. In Portugal, grow very tasty pineapples and bananas, but bananas are perishable. Lunch for the Portuguese is a ritual, because the majority of the population has dinner in the same time- from half of the first to half of the second. The main national dish of Portuguese cuisine-bakalau, that is dried salted cod. Recipes from bakalau more than four hundred and you can prepare them for a year, never again. Portuguese are very fond of sweets. Most delicious cake is a cake of Belem. Surprising that their recipe remains a "trade secret". Also in Portugal is delicious and aromatic coffee. After trying it once will not forget its taste ever.

It`s no secret that Portugal is a country of Mediterranean customs and traditions. So, vine is considered a symbol of abundance, health and family hearth. Therefore, in the New Year`s Eve with every stroke of hours they eat the grapes and make wishes: twelve strokes to twelve desires for each month of the year. Also very interesting is wedding traditions of Portugal. Here, according to tradition, the bride`s marriage age 16, and groom-19. At pre-wedding week the couple went together to friends and neighbors with the invitation to the wedding ceremony. The bride wore a cart, need a new one, which was filled with bread. They and handed out as an invitation to the wedding. Refusal could be justified only ill-health.

So, you can see that Portugal is great and interesting country, and you need to visit it.


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