Топик 572. (B). В европейских странах дети после 18 лет предпочитают жить отдельно. Ты согласен?

28 февраля 2010 - Администратор

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

In Europen countries children after they are 18 supposed to live on their own. Do you agree with it?

I think now children not only in Europe, but also in other continents after they are 18 supposed to live on their own. It can be explained that children want to be an independent persons. May be they have tedious time living with their parents, because they always check them, touch their own world, scold, punish them, don`t allow to walk too late. They always make you clean your room, cook dinner. They don`t like all your friends, etc. Really, every teenager has his own reason for it.

But some teens can`t agree with this point of view, because they aren`t able to imagine their life without their parents. On the one hand, because they really like them and they think they really like them and they think that the only people, who always love, support in different situations, understand them is their family. On the other hand, because, they get used their parents do everything for them. They can buy all things, which they ask, clean their rooms and so on.

In my opinion we should live on our own, but not because of the reason that our parents annoyed us or because they do everything instead of us. I want to say, that they can punish you, they can want to know about your progress and about your problems. Even If you and your parents are people of different generations and if you don`t see the world in the same way, they love you and want you to be alwayshappy. They wish you happiness and you should appreciate their advices.

I think teenagers should live separately from their family and parents must teach us from this age to live independently. If we don`t do it and don`t go out from parents` home, we won`t be able to solve problems in adults` life, to know how to avoid obstacles. What about me, I`m lucky that I have such a family as mine, which always supports me. But my mother always tells me about my future life, she gives me advices and she always tries me to be independent, responsible everywhere. And I`m happy and agree with her, because I know that it will be more useful for me in my future life.

In conclusion I want to say that it will be better if teenagers begin to think and prepare for adult`s life, because as a proverb says: "as you make your bad, so you lie on it".


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