Топик 570. (B). Плюсы и минусы Интернета

28 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Брезгина Полина. МНОУ "Лицей", Кемерово, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

The Internet: is it always safe?

Nowadays the Internet is available for everybody! First of all people use it to get information, because they can find there all they need in. You can also keep information, create your own projects, offer somebody their services, and of course communicate with each other.

So, the Internet is quite a useful thing. But, we shouldn`t forget about safety on the Internet - it is very important! Indeed, we must be very careful to people, whom we confide our personal facts or information, for example photos, numbers, addresses. The biggest problem, you can meet in the Internet - spam. It`s really big problem: spam can break your e-mail, destroy your operativesystem, files, e.t.c.

You can crush with this trouble when you download something by the unknown, unsafe source, you can "catch" virus on your computer this way.

There are some more negative moments about the Internet:

- A lot of information, which you can find there can be wrong.

- You should chat and share your personal information only with friends, or peope whom you know well personally.

- There are many services, you must pay, for example downloading music or films. It is not comfortable.

But surely, there are more good sides of the Internet, than bad. You can communicate with everybody, with every friend, even if he lives far away from you. You can chat, call, write letters, send photos and search for information very quickly.

To tell the truth, I like sitting in the Internet, when I have freetime.

I like to download films, pictures, music, books. And I guess everybody likes it.

The Internet is necessary for us, but it`s dangerous place too, you should remember it.


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