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What Makes a Film a Tasty One?

I like films and everything that is connected with them but I don`t like melodramas and life stories because it makes me boring. I think there are so many interesting stories in our life so, it is not necessary to watch them on the screen.

I like exciting films because such films let you feel the way you will never feel in real life situations and because of that I like fantastic films for example "Star Wars", "Van Helsing", "The Lord of the Rings" etc.

I like them because you can see fairy, weapon, creatures and it wakes up your imagination. When you watch such films at the cinema you feel scared, delighted and something like this but you will never feel the same if you watch melodrama.

My favorite film is "The Lord of the Rings" that is based on J.R.R. Tolkien`s book. It is realistic in spite of its fairy plot. I like the costumes of the characters, the play and make-up of the actors. It seems to me that everything has been thought over well. Special effects play a great role for every film. Computer graphic must be carried out as if it is in real life.

Except the great make-up, script and costumes there should be a good humour - so, I like not only fantastic films but also comedies and computer cartoons such as "Roman Holidays" and "Shrek".

"Roman Holidays" is a romantic comedy. The princess Ann went to Rome because of her kingdom business. Once in the evening she decided to run away from her castle and she went for a walk alone without the guard. She couldn`t imagine that it was dangerous to walk alone in the unknown city but luckily for her Jo Bradly, the journalist, met her in the street. What luck! He could take the interview but he didn`t do it. Who could imagine that Jo Bradly would not write an article about Ann?.. And only their love is accused of it!

So, it is the best romantic comedy for me because it is unique as the actors played well and we still enjoy this film and watch it with pleasure. Odry Hepbern played the role of the princess and she was charming and looked like a real princess. "Roman Holidays" is a dream that came true on the screen.



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