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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Captain Obvious

This captain can be put in the Guiness Record Book due to his popularity! Haven’t you heard about him? You are out of date…He has become the most popular character with teenagers all aver the world, and not only with teens.

This man is becoming more and more popular...

By many people he is considered to be a hero…

His mission is to help humans…

He never fails to come to the rescue…

Guess who that man is?

Well, it’s obvious! Captain Obvious!

So here he is, coming to help us and saying: «You are reading the article about Captain Obvious»!

And now, when everything at last is clear («Thanks, Captain!»), let’s try to find out who this legendary person is.

1. Personal data

Date of birth: Unknown

Captain is out of time.

Status: Divorced

There’s no time for private life - Captain is coming to rescue!

Home: Earth


Occupation: Superhero

That’s it!

Weakness: Thai food

Even superheroes have their Achilles heels.

2. Appearance

As all well-known superheroes Captain needs to wear special uniform. In order to differ from other heroes, such as Superman and Batman, he invented his personal symbols. If you see a man in fitting costume with a mask and letter «O» on the chest - you will no doubt understand that it’s Captain! The letter «O» doesn’t stands for «Orange», «Ontario», or «Obama». But it does stand for «Obvious». That’s it, indeed.

3. Feats

Captain has already helped thousand of people all over the world. Fortunately he is not going to stop. This guy is always ready to help you, even if you don’t ask for help. Captain always makes statements of fact that are painfully obvious to other observers. But don’t you think that this is the feature of the real hero?

Here are some examples of his helpful ideas:

«I think there is a leak!» (Captain Obvious on the sinking Titanic)

«The grass is green, the sky is blue» (Captain Obvious about nature)

«Tomorrow will be another day. The future is coming» (Captain Obvious about the future)

«Humans are people too.» (Captain Obvious about humans)

Almost all Captain’s sayings end with «That’s it!».

Face the truthand you are saved.

But do not forget to reply «Thanks, Captain!»

In our life we can find a lot of examples of people who can be called «Captains Obvious». They are everywhere - among our friends and parents, famous politicians and inventors, in the Internet, at school...

«You will know nothing, if you don’t learn» (school teacher)

«Television is not real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs» (Bill Gates)

The personality of Captain Obvious still remains unknown. But do we need to discover it completely?

Because in this story of Captain Obvious everything is obvious!

That’s it.


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