Топик 562. (B). Человек, с которым я бы хотела поговорить

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Филатова Диана. Школа №81, Воронеж, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

The Person I`d like to Speak to

All people have different interests. And all of them would like to speak to different persons if they have a chance. My mum is interested in travelling and she would like to speak to Dmitri Krylov from the TV program " Neputyovye zametki". My aunt is fond of gardening so she`d like to have a talk with Andrei Tumanov. My cousin likes to draw very much that`s why she wants to ask Alexander Shilov some questions.

As for me, I`d like to speak to the President of Russia Dmitri Medvedev and the head of the city of Voronezh, Sergei Koliukh.

I am in sympathy with our President. He is rather young and attractive.He is always well-dressed and modern. I am fond of his manner of speaking. It seems to me that he is a good father and never speaks in a loud voice with his family. He has got a good education so he understand many things in ruling the country.

Moreover, I`m sure that he can influence the policy of other countries and will do his best to put up with different wars in our country and other countries all over the world. I like that he is interested in youth`s problems and tries to understand and help them.I have watched his meeting with students and schoolchildren on Seliger with great pleasure.He is close to people and has even his blog in the Internet where anyone can ask him a question. But in my opinion " the live contact "with the President is more exciting.

First, I would talk with Medvedev about the political situation in our country and abroad. But it would be much more interesting to me to learn how our President spends his free time, what is his hobby, what he likes and ifhe likes to watch football. I myself like watching football matches very much.Then we could discuss the victories and defeats of our football team during the last European and World championships.I also wonder what football club he is fun of. Almost all gigls from my class are funs of "Spartak". So am I. And what about our Presidenrt? I`d like him to be a fun of "Spartak" too.

Secondly, I would talk to Koliukh. I would discuss with him the political situation in our city.I have some ideas how to improve the ecological situation in Voronezh and would offer them to him. people living in Pridonskoi worry about cutting down the trees around it.I don`t understand why he allows doing it. We enjoy our wood. My family often spends weekends there having some rest after a week of studying or work.In winter we ski there and walk among the pines. Sometimes we go on excursions at Geography land Biology lessons to the wood. During our talk I would invite him to us and show him how beautiful Pridonskoi is.

I would also offer him my ideas on arranging holidays, organizing concerts, cleaning territories, gardens , parks in Pridonskoi and Voronezh. I`m interested to know what a man he is, what he prefers to eat,what kinds of sports he is keen on, if he loves Art.

Having learned even some things about these people: their way of life, their likes and dislikes, their interests and tastes, their hobbies I would already know what persons are ar the head of our city and our state, whether I can trust them and vote for or against them. A the meeting with Medvedev and Koliukh I would learn more about them.

Finally, I would ask them to be photographed with me and then ask for the autographs and the next meeting. I think our meeting would be warm and not official. All of us woulf feel like at home and worry about nothing.


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