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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

English exams. City & Guilds`s exams

Certificate of knowledge of English language is a relevant question for Russian people, if they want to work or to study abroad. But a lot of other questions appear after this one: What exams ought we to choose? What reason have we to possess the international certificate in English language for?  Is it necessary to prepare for an English examination in advance?

I f we have a goal to work or study abroad, we must sit for the examination.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain has most of all examining board such as: City & Guilds, Cambridge ESOL, Institute of Linguists, IELTS, LCCI, Trinity College London, TOEGL and others.

Cambridge ESOL exams are the most popular exams. You can get fixed up in a job easily or go up to university if you have the certification of Cambridge ESOL. Everybody can sit for the examination at any age.

KET is a new exam, which is the first step to the other Cambridge`s exams.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the international exam which was founded in 1975 by ETS (Education Tasting Service). Everybody who wants to study in America (from other countries) must have results in TOEFL.

IELTS`s exams are for foreign students who want to get higher education in other countries: UK, Australia, Canada and others.

If you want to connect your life with business you must sit for LCCI`s exams. You will have enough knowledge for sitting business exams in Britain after getting this certificate.

Edexcel International is one of the leading companies of English exams in Britain. It is the only company where you sit for professional English exams.

Frankly speaking the most popular English exams are City and Guilds`s exams. This company was founded in 1878 and its history has been lasting for more than 300 years. At the beginning of City and Guilds hold exams only for the English and later it started to take exams in other countries. Today this company works in more than 100 countries of the world and has about 8500 centers. I do really like that the certificate of "City & and Guilds" opens wide perspectives, has big significance for the most of universities, companies in Britain, America and other countries. More than that 1000000 certificates were given by company "City & and Guilds" in 1998.

In comparison with other exams the advantage of the exams of "City & and Guilds" is the certificate of this company doesn`t have limitation period of validity, more than that this exam has six levels and youwill be able to chose your own level in accordance to your knowledge of the subject. To tell the truth the main goal of this exam is to estimate your spoken language skills. The official representatives of "City & and Guilds" - Andrew Baily, Sandra Shelley and Keith Watt come to Russia from Britain to examine people. You will speak on different topics and situations will be from real life so you can use all your knowledge you have got from listening, watching, reading newspapers and magazines. The point is the exams are developed by psychologists and that allows you to avoid stress. You will have a chance to get a job abroad with the certificate. Not everyone can afford to sit for an English examination because most of them are expensive but this exam isn`t expensive and it is rather moderate. Everybody who is sat for the examination says that isn`t complicated you only must be prepared for the examination. In a word company "City & and Guilds" is the best opportunity for you if you`dlike to sit for an English examination.


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