Топик 550. (B). Любовь - химическая реакция?

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Is Love the chemical reaction?

Do You know about love much? For example, do you know what it is? Try to describe this word. As for me this is what has come to my head: the love is feeling to somebody, the emotional condition, connected with attachment to persons. Yes, these are only words. However, there is one more version: love is chemical reaction. Let`s try to understand.

So, love is chemical process. This theory belongs to Americans. The developer of the given theory became Helen Fisher. Its supervision lasted about 30 years; and now she asserts, what this fine feeling about which we tall legends and write books, only simple reaction?!

Certainly, Shakespeare, Pushkin and many other poets did not think that love is only emission of certain hormones. And after all under the theory assorted by us the following turns out: our romantic love is not that other, as emission in a substance organism under the name dopamine. People died of love, struggled for it, composed about it songs … it seems to me, what the love theme is developed most in our world.

You know … something is in this theory over what it is possible to think. Well for example: the phrase "love is illness". Let`s remember our first love. For many it was unfortunate and it seemed that the world has disappeared, when you have rejected; for many was happy, and remains; and were also at what the love lasted three years. But about it later. If we have not been rejected, "illness" passed well. But if we threw... There were deterioration with such symptoms as isolation, grief. Yes, all of us loved. And everyone was ill with this feeling.

Let`s start the following statement "love lasts three years". According to the same Helen Fisher it is the biggest term. The romantic love usually lasts from 18 months till three years. But there are exceptions. Is it a lot of such exceptions? I have a friend. And so she has been living with her boyfriend for 7 years and by the way they love each other.Have You read the book of French writer Frederik Begbeder with the same name? It precisely describes relations with the wife which had been lasted for three years. Finally he falls in love with another, leaves from the wife. You know, he lives with the "new love" much more, than three years. In the end of the book he confirms: "the Love lasts three years it is only a myth". Reading fiction, certainly you consider as a myth similar statements. But when scientists speak about it …

The love is chemical reaction …i do not want to trust in it till now. To write all it, I had to search long for sources on the Internet and it took mea lot of hours to realise all it. Do scientists love? Helen Fisher speaks that loves and perfectly knows that it is not for ever. As soon as period of validity dopamine will end, the love will end also. It is sad. We lift love to heavens, and scientists have lowered it. Love euphoria cause neiropeptides and the connections chemically similar with amphetamines, namely: norepinephrine, dopamine and phenylethylamine (REA), oxytocin. Here this mix also is actually love in pure kind - here that for scientists love is. A chemical compound. And do you trust in it?

Certainly, nobody says that love is only chemistry. But after that story it is necessary again to read Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliette" and to search for love in that kind in what it was up until that time. The world has not turned over, we live, we love and it is perfectly.


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