Топик 545. (B). Проблемы молодежи в 21 веке

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Youth problems in 21 century

Presently young men do not know, whan they are engaged into. Their interest - here is the first problem! One right after schools follow a corner and smoke and drink; others - in the street walk all day long, only some visit various studios and sections.

Now about the second problem - discos are now very popular. On the one hand it is good - children dance, have a rest, but if it is not only a rest! Almost in each entertaining club young people do not do without drugs … it is a serious problem №3.

Parents and school are much to blame. Some parents send children to school and leave the bringing up process only for teachers. They do not check lessons, do not help children, sometimes at all are not interested in successes of children.

They resolve to children everything that those will want. But when time passes, the child matures and understands that to do anything is not necessary, exept walking, enjoying life for the parents` money. BUT nobody think about the future problem - problem 4!

And when the child grows and he builds a way of life, where he sits on parents` necks. And just now parents understand how much they have spoilt the child!!! And in a family they have disagreements …

And still not all youth tends to do the above mentioned. It is good that nevertheless many children choose other way of life, other friends, visit various entertaining studios, sports sections.

It seems to me that each of the expert should ask one day a question to himself: "What have I made in life?" It is necessary to decide, what we will do further? Whether we can achieve something in a life?


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