Топик 542. (B). Сочинение с фразами сравнения as....as

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Composition with phrases of comparison as...as

Once time I walked in the street and saw girl. She was as pretty as a picture. She wanted to me to get acquainted with her. Seems to me it was as easy as a pie. But she was like strong nut to crack.

Coming to her, I am, as brave as a lion, as cool as cucumber and as free as a bird, talk to her:

-Dear, allow me to meet with you. I am as dead as doornail from your beauty.

But she answered to me:

-Go away; you are as silly as a goose. You are as drunk as a lord.

I told to her:

-You are as like as two peas similar to the girl of my dream. I am as steady as a rock. You can rely on me.

-On your paunch I see that you as greedy as a pig.

I became as black as a thunder, but… I found the exit:

-It is the love holds me apart. You are my destiny.

-You are as mad as a hatter. We are different with you like chalk and cheese. We can`t be together.

-I am as obstinate as a mull and will achieve your recognition. Am I as slippery as an eel? I`m as fresh as a cucumber and ready to the new aspirations.

Madam tried to resist me:

-I`m as busy as a bee. I haven`t time to be engaged in nonsense.

And here my heart hasn`t sustained:

-Ok, today you are the winner. But I`m as good as one`s word, and remember: you will be mine. Let not at once, but you`ll become.

She has lovely smiled, having turned pale as the death, was unwrapped, and, clinking heels, has disappeared behind the corner.



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