Топик 541. (B). Молодое поколение и здоровье нации: профилактика инфекционных заболеваний

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Young generation and health of the nation: precautions of infectious diseases

A man is as healthy as he wants to.
Luule Viilma

Healthy body is a product of healthy mind.
Bernard Show

Health of the nation. The due attention from the state at last began to be paid to this aspect of our life. In fact today`s position of health of the population causes fears of many scientists about the future of our country. There are not enough absolutely healthy people. And basically it is impossible to be completely healthy attoday`s rate and a way of life. With what is it necessary to begin the improvement of the nation? Certainly, we should start with the youth. Young people is the future of every country, of the entire world, they are a source of new achievements. But the situation about today`s youth forces to think of. It is simply awful! In this aspect there exist a lot of painful points. For example:

In the yard we can see such picture - small group of the young men and girls stand, laugh, have fun … and drink beer. But beer is the enemy №1, especially for guys. In fact there are a lot of female hormones. If a guy drinks much beer, he harms himself irretrievably. The organism is oversaturated by female hormones and of the organism develops on a female line. Girls. Here is a separate conversation. I never understood, I do not understand and I can not understand the girl who drinks and smokes. In fact she is the future mother - the creator of the future of Russia. And what will this future turn out to be? "Slanting eyes, curve speeches"? Will such children be able to make the future of our country?In general it can be stated that there are a lot of problem points, but it is real to reduce them.

Firstly, everything depends on the person. And the quotations presented as epigraphs confirm the idea. To my mind, they are absolutely opposite. Yes of course? If a person wishes to smoke, drink or accept drugs, he is very difficult to stop and give up. Because he considers it unnecessary and is sure that it does not harm his life. In this case the person is guided by his wishes. But the wishes can be based on ignorance and lack of knowledge in the question. And here I completely agree with the words of Bernard Show that everything depends on the mind of a person, his intelligence.

Secondly, the help of parents. Parents are the closest people. Only them you can trust the ideas, feelings and secrets, address to them for advice. And they will help and will not deny. Also there are will not leave you alone in a difficult situation. In this aspect it is important to understand that every buy and girl in the future will become parents. And the health of future generation will depend on their wisdom and competence in the questions of health.

Thirdly, school. It should give knowledge not only about subjects, but also about life. In this respect we are lucky with our gymnasium. There the project "Health" is being realized. It touches such important aspects as healthy food, way of life, precautions of catarrhal diseases and many others. It is notable that apart from educational tasks, lections, team of agitators there are a lot of practical activities. We study the useful products, plan the menu for our school canteen and conduct workshops with younger learners. For example, after we showed then the properties of chips on the lesson "Chemistry in the kitchen" they were really impressed and refused to ear chips. It was our little but victory. As Shirley Conran once said "We should care about our body, no one will give us another one and you should be very particular with what we put into it".

In our school we have assemblies on a theme of a healthy way of life. Precautions are necessary, precautions are important. In fact today in the world there are many various diseases. Infectious are especially widespread. Look even at statistics. 2 out of 5 people with HIV and AIDS in Altay territory live in Biysk. It is a real catastrophe. In our times young people enough early starts sexual relations, not reflecting at all the consequences. And it somehow leads to the above-stated statistics.

But not all youth is such carefree. I know many people who live a healthy way of life. And for them it is not anything supernatural, they just live: go in for sports, science, do not drink, and do not smoke. Owing to such people the state should grow and develop. And all the hope is in them.

In fact actually, the healthy way of life is a very interesting process. You go in for sports, participate in various competitions, and win awards. It is simply pleasant - to feel yourself easy and assured in tomorrow. Sport makes everybody stronger, wiser, more confident and self-possessed. And it is a guarantee of a long and happy life. A guarantee of our parents` confidence and calmness. A guarantee of the nation`s health and future.


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