Топик 536. (B). Моё будущее

28 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Родионова Жанна. Лицей города Сызрани "Образовательный центр", Сызрань, Самарская область, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My future

Everybody wants to be successful, and I also think about my future.

In 2020 I see myself as the head of the analytical centre. I see a huge display with information from different parts of Russia. It includes all main problems of our country: education, economy, agriculture, industry and medicine, level of life of average person, crime, and environment. I press the button and all information is transferred to our government. My specialists have already prepared a report about reasons of those difficulties and how to improve them it is also transferred to the government. In the nearest future the government must make a programme how to change the situation: where to send investments. Members of Duma have only one month. In a month the first steps should be seen. My analytics go to the regions to control what is being done and send e-mail every day. If there is some success, I immediately can see it on the screen with the help of diagrams. Qualified specialists in all spheres of our life help me. They are responsible for information they send me. I can fly to any region I want to control myself. And only then, being sure of the result, I report to the President. I’m responsible only to him. I analyze the situation not only with the help of reports, a lot of everyday e-mails, phone cells, video reports. I can speak with any head of our cities at any time. My site is known to everybody. I can check all calls and answers to them. It is impossible to lie. Every year people discuss their opinion about my work with chat, if the result is not good, but my salary is lower twice this month. The same principle is for my staff. There is a special reservefor force-major: earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and so on. Even children can write about their problems, their questions must be answered immediately. Our life becomes better and better. People from many countries have wish to live in Russia. The word “unemployment” is not known at all. The most powerful countries ask our opinion in different situation. I know all leaders of foreign countries and we make the project of Commonwealth where the main principle is “Help to everybody, and you will get it back”. I communicate with my colleagues from abroad. Our “Round table” is for discussing of the most important problems everywhere. War is impossible, nobody is interested in it. Such work helps to understand any reason of difficulties and the way to avoid it. My hobby is foreign languages; I can speak twenty of them. I learn customs and traditions of different countries and this helps me to feel quite at home wherever I go.

I know it is only the dream but let it be, let it be in the nearest future.


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