Топик 531. (B). Оставаться в своей собственной стране или эмигрировать?

28 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Гараева Гузель. Джалильская школа №2, п. Джалиль, Сармановский район, Республика Татарстан, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

To remain in the own country or to emigrate?

Culture is the most important and valuable spiritual wealth of every country and state. Thanks for culture all countries differ from one another, have their own peculiarities. May be only the culture attracts people to visit their own places, to meet with their customs, to communicate with peoples. And it is nothing strange that people want to travel, migrate because it is typically for a person to know something new, change his life. Cultural differences can`t be a barrier for achieving our aims. Variety of cultures directs us to their cognitions. I can`t understand such people, who think that cultural differences cause problems and it is better for people to stay in their own countries rather than migrate to other ones. I can`t even guess, how and what problems can culture create?! Of course, on the one hand, when a person goes abroad and live there with his own rules, doesn`t observe their traditions and he is not going to do it, there aren`t doubts that nobody will respect and always ignore him. Moreover, the government of the country can punish him or even turn out from their state. Certainly, the person blames that country, because he doesn`t want to realize his fault. But if we really think the country only protects our rights. For example, nowadays it is noticed the influence of American culture particularly on all cultures, especially on Russia. We have already the same style of clothes, food, music, films like in America. Very often people are not satisfied with it. Thereby, they relate with negative side towards American culture. But it is stupid, isn`tit! People pass to another culture themselves and they don`t think about their own one. Furthermore they accuse culture again.

Ok, let`s imagine that the world has the single culture, in which atmosphere will we live in that situation? We`ll have only one language, we will read books of the same writers, watch the same films and it will carry on all time. Is it funny and interesting? We don`t get used to such boring life, we always look for adventures, try to make our life bright and meaningful, that`s why we need in cultural differences!

So, what about migration of people, it is impossible to sit only on one place, I think. People can migrate both on need and on request. Firstly they can do it, because they want to start a new life, as people say "with a poor page" in the new country or they are tried to live in their state or even people don`t have means for living in that country and so on. Secondly, they can have the necessity to go away, because of their work.For example, some companies suggest a person to work abroad, of course this person is forced to leave his country. Actually there are so many reasons for it. But why most of people are against migration? I guess that only because they want us to be the best patriots and decent citizens of our great country. Certainly, I totally agree with living here, but we can be patriots and love our native land from far and be proud of it. But in my opinion, a person can`t live without his motherland for a long time and sooner or later, he will come back. As a proverb says: "East or West - home is best!"


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