Топик 526. (C). Мой путь в будущее

28 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Жук Александра. Международный институт трудовых и социальных отношений, Минск, Беларусь
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My way to the future

If you work for present, your work will be measly,
It is necessary to work bearing in mind only future.

Tomorrow… Our plans, purposes, hopes, dreams, desires, ideas are hidden in this word. If you want to peek in the future, you should make a step. Our steps form our way. But if you want make a step, in my opinion, in the first place, you should define for yourself: what kind of tomorrow do you want to see? There are two variants of the development: first, we live now and enjoy every moment of our life not conceiving about our future. And there is another variant: today we plan our tomorrow and make a step with confidence. Our future shouldn’t be ghost, casual and distant for us. Each person decides himself, he has his own opinion. I choose a second lifestyle because I always strive to perfection.

At the moment my way to the future is reflecting in my future profession. It’s rather difficult sometimes to choose a career and to speak about it. I’d say it’s because a lot may change in our life in a moment. There are lucky people who chose their profession in their childhood and since that time have been doing everything possible to acquire proficiency. But they are few.

We shouldn’t be indifferent to our future, consequently to our profession. It is our affair and we dedicate to it all our life. We should feel satisfaction, not be disappointed with it and shouldn’t feel sorry about our choice.

I have a dream. I want to be a lawyer. It is not easy, but I know what I’m striving for and hopefully Iwill reach my goal.

A common dictionary definition of the word lawyer is ’’a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice’’.

Fates of people, their property and personal non-property relations which form subject of civil law, legality and law order in the country, protective relations which form the subject of criminal law depend on lawyer’s advice and decisions.

Sometimes lawyers have to take difficult decisions for themselves and for others. On my glance lawyer’s mistakes such as illegal arrest, wrong renditions by the courts, inaction in the situations which require interference can render on condition of legality and law order, on the welfare of society negatively.

On the one hand, lawyers have different preparedness and abilities. Every of them pursue their own personal interests along with public. On the other, all together they realize a professional activity. Results of their work render powerfully on the level of people’s life. I agree it is a very difficult and necessary work. And private life isn’t easy.

I know lawyers should be ready respond to requests of the society correctly and at a good time, he should have methods and receptions of the work with legislation which is always changing and should work with extensive documentations. He should know how communicate with people, listen to the opponents, negotiate, participate in discussing legal deals and in procedure of their collective permit.

You see, my way to the future is a difficult and thorny journey, but who has said that it will be easy?


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