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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Dream at night

That evening I was really tired. I had got a lot of things to do. I was really exhausted and my only wish was to go to bed and have a good rest. As soon as my head touched my pillow my eyes closed. I heard nothing but the rain which sang his monotonous lullaby to me.

Suddenly the rain asked me: “Why are you so gloomy? You don’t like the rain, do you?”

At first I was really surprised but then I answered: “You know it’s not because of you. Just look around! Do you see these dull streets, grey houses, and leafless trees … The houses look like each other. Blocks of flats are similar to boxes of matches. They don’t have soul. The buildings in our town are just piles of stones but I wish them to be some kind of work of art. There are a lot of graffiti on our houses. As for me, I think that graffiti should be a type of painting. Some graffiti are really excellent and I think it also shows the interpretation of the reality. Try to imagine, how great it would be if we have a street in graffiti style, where all buildings will have their own pictures and style. Besides, it would make me happy if the houses were colourful and of different architectural styles. In addition, I think that there should be a lot of green zones in town. There should be different parks which may be designed in different ways with nice benches and fantastic fountains, clean lakes and rivers.

“Yes, my dear friend, I completely agree with you “, said the rain. And after a short pause the rain added: “As for me the cars irritate me most of all, they make a lot of noise and dust. And that’s why people can’t hear my singing”.

“I can’t but agree with you, the concentration of vehicles makes air quality unpleasant and sometimes dangerous to breathe. So our citizens have many health hazards. I think that our government should improve the quality of community life, putting the emphasis on vehicle. I wish there were special streets for cars or it would be great if the car could fly near the clouds, without any noise and polluting the environment. And my dearest wish is that one day people invent such cars that would not make noise and would not pollute the air”.

“So, you are so sad because you don’t like your town, aren’t you?”- asked the rain.

All the colourful pictures flashed in my mind again. Magnificent buildings, fantastic parks, beautiful fountains… What a wonderful town it would be! I believe if we have a town, which we can be proud of, we can reveal some problems of the contemporary world. But the next moment I felt ashamed. I didn’t think about my family: my Mom, Dad and my littlebrother. They make me happy! Not the buildings, parks and streets! And I answered the rain: “You know, my dear rain, I would be happy in every town if my family was with me. I am sad because I have been a little bit tired today. Tomorrow everything will be OK”.

Suddenly I heard my alarm clock, the new day began and I was ready to overcome all the difficulties because my family is with me!


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