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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My opinion

I do not think that it is youthful behaviour or the romanticism peculiar to young people but it is the most barefaced reality. Afghanistan. What do we know about Afghanistan? I think young people do not even bare to think of this question. What we can observe in the news is only the small part of what actually occurs there. The international community considers Afghanistan as one of the most terrorist states in the world. In fact it is a problem of not one ten year time. The artful policy of superstates took place too. Yet, so a long time ago the Soviet Union was the first state in the world which recognized the independence of Afghanistan. Due to the USSR in the territory of Afghanistan were built over 140 infrastructural objects, and also a lot of the Afghan experts took education at the Soviet universities. Today in the territory of this state there are ambassadors of the United Nations and the NATO. Their activity consists in the restoration of the country. Certainly it is only Kabul and the approached areas. But, who knows? Furthermore there is also such a problem as drugs. Modern Afghanistan makes almost 90 % of drugs of the world. Incomes from traffic of drugs are the basis of economy of the state. Corruption, instability and the movement "Taliban" prevent struggle against drugs. Its geographical position, mountains and deserts do not give an opportunity to simple inhabitants to be engaged in anything else. And everybody has big families. What do they have to do? Do they starve? If Afghans sell heroin it means that there is a demand.

I do not want to protect or justify anybody. But I think, that Afghans have the right to not to be judged only on one hand. In fact in everything there is also the other side. I want to say that Afghan people is original, with an ancient history and culture. The bases of the Afghan culture are various monuments, languages and dialects. Yes, it is an illiterate country, which preserves its traditions and customs. Due to Islam there are such concepts as authority of the man, respect of parents and the senior generations. We forget about it frequently and do not appreciate it.


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