Топик 510. (B). Моя любимая школа

27 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Новикова Дарья. Школа №81, Воронеж, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My favourite school

I want to tell you about my little school where I and my friends study. My school № 81 was built in the city of Voronezh in 1972. It is a very good school. I like it very much.

Around my school there are a lot of different kinds of trees.There are two stadiums where we can run, jump and relax well. We`ve got a hockey-box.Our boy play hockey every day in winter, they laugh and shout very loudly especially when they win. They play even when the weather is not warm.In good weather our girls fugure skate there.If it snows in the street pupils in turn clean it.

In my school there are a lot of classrooms,besides we`ve got a computer class where we study IT, make up presentations, have combined lessons and learn how to use the Internet.

Unfortunately in our classrooms there are few computers but the lessons with multimedia are more interesting I believe.

As for me I like the History study very much because in it there are a lot of interesting things: old things from the past, old coins, documents, interesting stands on the walls.Every year pupils from different forms help the History teacher to make the collection wider.I myself brought some old coins when I was a junior pupil.Many pupils make reports on History and take part in conferences.Very often they are a success.

I also like the Physics study and the Chemistry study because we can do many interesting experiments there.

In my school there is a very big gymnasium. It is always full of pupils. After the lessons we play volleyball, basketball, football. Our school girl`s football team won the third place in our region autumn. And all our PE teachers are Masters of Sport and all of them are women. It`s cool!

We`ve got an excellent school library.It`s not large but very cozy.I often come here to find some material for the lessons. The librarian always helps us to choose the book we need.We can sit down in a comfortable armchair and look through the book just in the library or take it home for some days.

Not far from the school library there is our dining-room. After the second lesson there is a pleasant smell all around the schoo. We have lunch during two long breaks.The price is not very high, the dishes are tasty. Some pupils do not pay money at all. For example,my sister and me. From October to April we drink tea with vitamins.Here we also buy buns, chocolate bars, cakes.

We`ve got many subjects in the time-table. Every day we have five or six lessons and different elective courses. My friends and I visit them with pleasure because we are not put marks there andthe material is very interesting. I visit the electives in Math, History and English.

Our school life is very interesting. We have a school organization. It is called "the 81st continent".Every September we elect our school government and its head.This year the Head of the Government is my schoolmate. The Government works hard so there is a lot of interesting work at school and in the forms. Before each holiday we prepare school concerts, anyone can take part in them if he has a wish. Subject weeks are traditonal at school too.Many various competitions in all school subjects, acting out, olympiads, exhibitions, meetings with War veterans, class meetings and parties, excursions to Voronezh museums, visiting cinemas and theatres are organised by it and the teachers. Of course, the teachers help us a lot.We are good friends.In many school competitions the teachers` team takes part too, in all concerts our teachers take part, they sing songs and act out.We like them on the stage very much.Our teachers have many diplomas and other awards, two of them have won the Presidential Grant so we are proud of them. And I think they are proud of us too because we also have got a lot of awards. I`m grateful to all my teachers, they teach us to live every day, at every lesson; they are a good example to us.

I have a lot of friends in my class. I think they are the best friends in the world. They are true, merry, clever and helpful. When I`m in trouble they always help me and I try to help them too.We do everything together, sometimes promt each other at the lessons and even allow each other to copy homework.We like to stay in the classroom after the lessons, talk and discuss our girls` secrets. We think our classroom is an ideal place for our meetings. It`s nice, with modern desks and there are a lot of flowers there. There is a musical centre there too so we can listen to our favourite music.

Every morning I get up in a good mood and go toschool to learn something new and to meet my good friends and the teachers. I`m fond of my school and don`t want to study in any other school. My school is the best one in Voronezh.


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