Топик 508. (B). Мой город Воронеж

27 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Шведков Михаил. Школа №81, Воронеж, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My city Voronezh

Very long ago on the river Don Peter the Great has put the fortress which has become an exit to the Black Sea. Since then the fortress has developed, grown in size, and gradually has turned to the large centre of trade and crafts. Such a centre is voronezh today. It is a large city with the developed infrastructure, constantly increasing, and today it can be called one of the most beautiful places of Russia. Dynamism,rhythm,modern buildings - all it has become the norm of the city.

Unfortunately, Voronezh has not only good features. Some monuments of the past are dissappearing from the city`s face thanks to the inattention, indifference of our powers, I think.Every year there areless and less such places i our city, something disappears because of the house - building, something is being equipped with neon advertising, and some places simply disappear because of the old age.

There are not only the architecture, hand-made monuments on the Voronezh territory but also - woods, the rivers, the lakes, the well-known Belogorye. These sights are so perfect. Voronezh is the city which has a great number of well-known people: writers and physicists, musicians, and engineers. The set of remarkable works of art and science inventions were given to the world by inhabitants of Voronezh.

Certainly, many people are still capable not only to look at this world, but also see it, see it in all its beauty. People who are capable to find perfect in ordinary things and preserve them. Thanks to such people we can admire the monuments created by the nature and the man.

In my opinion, the most interesting places to visit in Voronezh are the Admiralty square and the embankment , Lenin Square and Koltsovsky square. The literary necropolis is considered to be one of the most popular monuments.

Certainly,it is impossible to forget about the Rotunda that is one of the silent witness of the World War II. Today the remains of this children`s hospital serve as the memory of the War. I think that everyone will agree with me that the terrible events should never happen again. In memory of the Great Patriotic War on the territory of Voronezh there are many monuments among which the Glory Monument is the most popular.

Fierce fights took place on the territory of another sight of Voronezh - the sports base "Olympic" that is very popular with Voronezh citizens especially with young people. "Olympic" represents a huge space where the influence of a person towards the nature is minimal - pure air, the wood left around. These perfect pictures of nature all year round, at daytime and at night, draw everyone to this wonderful place.

As a tourist I have travelrd in various places and I can tell you that each of them is beautiful and unusual in its own way, I can tell all inhabitants of our native Chernozem region : " Friends! We have the right to be proud of our city and admire it. We can leave to our descendants a great miracle! Let`s try to keep what we have today. I want our children, our grandchildren and the grandcildren of our grandchildren will be able to see the beauty of my city.


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