Топик 502. (B). Лучшая школа в Воронеже

26 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Солнцева Дарья. Школа №81, Воронеж, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

The best school in Voronezh

I`d like to tell you about my school,
It`s very nice, very beautiful, cool!
In Pridonskoi my school`s situated,
Everyone can easily find it.
My favourite school is not very small,
It`s not very big and not very tall.
It stands in a quiet and marvellous place
And has an attractive and wonderful face.
Near the school there`s a sports ground
Trees, tall and small stand around.
Here we jump, skip, play football and run.
Sport lessons for pupils is sucha fun!
Junior pupils often walk here,
Play different games and breathe fresh air.
Senior boys train and compete
When the weather`s good in the street.
All sport equippment is in bright colours,
We spent on the sports ground lots of hours.
In autumn, in spring, in winter, in summer
We go in for sport to be healthy and sound.
We also have a large skating - rink,
all pupils are glad to have it, I think.
The boys play ice hockey and hockey with a ball,
The girls figure skate, it`s useful for all.
Round the school there are lovely flowers.
Whose hands have planted them? They`re ours.
With them the school has a festive appearance,
It`s liked by pupils,teachers and parents.
Inside the school it`s clean and cozy.
Though we are gay and noisy.
Each form has its duty about the school
That`s why the schol always looks cool!
We have computers to study IT,
Some TV-sets, a gym for PE,
Video camera to shoot school films,
A library with books,/stories,poems.
Excellent teachers teach us at school,
The lessons aren`t boring, the pupils aren`t fool.
The teachers and pupils are good friends
And we together are good friends.
They give us good knowledge,
Take care of us,
They come every morning
With a smile to the class.
We travel,sing songs,write tests and act out,
Draw and read books all the yearround.
We write compositions,do sports,have exams,
Make different researches and simply do sums.
During breaks we have a good lunch,
Tasty things we like very much.
The school canteen smells very nice.
We eat all the dishes at a low price.
For most of us the school isn`t lessons,
It`s our friends, talks, good impressions.
We feel like at home at school every day
That`s why after the lessons we long there stay.
The "81st continent" lives best of all,
Look at the stand that`s on the wall.
Our government works night and day
So my school is the best, I can say.

Copyright © Russian centres of City and Guilds


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