Топик 478. (C). Человек, с которым я бы хотел поговорить

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

The person I would like to speak to

The person I would like to speak to. The question is interesting enough, and strange as it may seem it has made me thinking. . . I`ve never meditated on this theme before but when started, it appeared that there is quite a large number of questions which I could ask different people.

I could ask political leaders about their political views, sportsmen about their sport careers, artists and actors their paintings and roles, writers about their books, other outstanding people about their achievements, and even people of my age about our common problems. Communication is a great thing!

But having thought a littleI decided to choose a person famous enough, the one whose name is known to the majority of people on our planet. Nikola Tesla is this person. My choise is not casual.

First of all, I am fond of physics and interested in wireless energy and electronic devices.

Secondly, the man who has got more than 300 patents for his inventions without which our today`s life would be just impossible is mentioned in passing in our textbooks. Isn`t it strange? I spend much time in the Intrenet looking for any infirmation about this man and his scientific activity. I have been studying his life and activities on the remained documents for some years. It is so exciting!

By the way, these documents say that Tesla is the greatest person who has outstripped not only his time but also the existing reality. Legends about the devices made by this man still have been exciting curiosity. His experiments on air space are very interesting, but one of his main secrets - a wireless moving of an electric charge o a long distance in space, unfortunately, has not been kept. The essence of this experiment is one of the primary questions for me. If I could meet Tesla I would ask him about it by all means. And I suppose he would tell me much more interesting things. It would be great!

The scientist has also made a number of experiments with electricity which could help mankind but their descriptions are lost, or destroyed by the scientist himself. What has forced the scientist to do it? I do not know. . .

Besides, it is well-known that Tesla was a complicated man, he lived in loneliness, did not love human society. What were the reasons for such existence? The answer to the quetion is also known only to him alone.

I`ll try to imagine our meeting with Tesla in his study full of books, papers, instruments or his laboratory. The scientist smoking his pipe doesn`t pay any attention to me at first as he is busy with his experimental work. I`m standing silently in the corner and watching him. Suddenly he notices me and becomes angry because of my presence. nothing and nobody must disturb his work. But I am doing my best win his favour by asking him quetions about experiments and inventions. Unfortunately, it`s only my fantasy.

There are a lot of quetions which I have not only as a dull pupil but also as an ordinary man. I can list them for a long time. But at present moment it is useless. Much of what he could not explain in his time turned ouy to be elementary with the appearing of new technologies and techniques. Then maybe I can help him somehow, open his eyes on his small defects which are visible now after such period of time.

Probably, it can help to develpo human technologies up to unprecedented height and do it with the minimal damage for our environment. It is quite possible.

However, it cannot be done now. Absence of documents, notes - all it proves that the scientist has not wished to leave any prompts to descendants. Why? Probably, it is one of the most interesting questions to Nicola Tesla which will excite many generations of people.


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