Топик 476. (B). История одного театра

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Мишонин Николай. Омский кадетский корпус, город Омск, Россия.
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

The history is of theatre

Art is long, life is short. I completely agree with this proverb. I’m interested in theatres and I want to tell you about the history of the English theatre.

The Backfires theatre was built in 1576, and the Globe, which is closely connected with Shakespeare, in 1599. William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays. Many of them, namely “Othello”, ”King Lear”, ”Hamlet” and other are being staged in many countries even today.

The theatres of that time were nothing like the comfortable places, we sit in, today. They were rather rounded in shape, as a role, open to the sky, without a roof, so that it must have been very unpleasant when it rained. The rich people had seats in raised balconies facing and along sides of the stage.

The poor people stood in the pit in front. They ate fruit and sweets, smoked long pipes and laughed very much if the plays were funny.

The stage itself was a raised widen platform with no scenery. When the actors wanted to show the district in which a scene took place they simply put up a placard with the district.

There were no actresses at that time, and boys, who were trained for this purpose, acted instead of women.

Love to art helps a person to live, enriches his outlook and forms his inner world. That’s why it’s necessary for everybody from time to time to go to the theater and enjoy works of art, putting away all deeds. It’all makes you happier and richer.


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