Топик 474. (B). Идеальная школа

24 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Фёдорова Анна. Михайловская школа, деревня Михайловка, Цивильский район,Чувашия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

An ideal school

It is very difficult to imagine an ideal school. I questioned my schoolmates and asked them to tell about the school of their dream. Their /stories made a strong impression on me. To my mind they are real romantics. As it turned out, all the pupils have imagination. Some pupils dream of computers in every classroom, others wish a big videostudio. One pupil would like to have a swimming pool and a tennis court, the other dreams of many animals in the school yard and coca-cola-mashines on every floor.

As for me, I dream of well-equipped school. Just imagine! The school where children study is quite big. When you enter the school, you see a lobby where there is ahuge aquarium with exotic fish. It is very splendid, isn`t it? No doubt, a gym is realy large. It is well-equipped for the lessons. Besides, a great number of sporting events are held in the gym such as different competitions, games. Sport helps children to keep in good health:"Good health is above wealth".

On the first floor you can find a lot of subject rooms. Usually classes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology take place in laboratories because teachers need a lot of special equipment for the lessons. I think that every pupil can`t imagine an ideal school without computers. The door to the computer class is on the right side of the corridor. As a rule pupils study computers here, but sometimes the English teacher takes them to work with English-teaching programmes and even play English computer games. It`s fun.

School means a lot in the life of everybody. The pupils meet their first friends here, learn to deal with people. Here they pave their way from ABC to profound knowledge that helps them to become top specialists. Pupils remember their teachers because they are not only instructors and tutors but their leaders, friends and school parents.


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