Топик 473. (B). До войны

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Фёдорова Анна. Михайловская школа, деревня Михайловка, Цивильский район, Чувашия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Before the war

They lived in a small village of the Soviet Union.Their house was not big, but very beautiful and cosy. There was a big garden around this house. They usually walked and worked there.

When Misha was seven, he went to school. He was a clever boy and he did very well. Misha had got many friends.They had a good time together. Misha and his friends went to the river, forest and gathered mushrooms, picked berries and flowers. In the evening they played ball and hide-and-seek.

Misha`s family was not large. They were a family of three. His father`s name was Ivan Petrov. He was thirty there. He was tall, well-built, handsome with fair hair and a moustache, green eyes, a straight nose. His father worked as a driver. He was very clever and witty. In the evening he was fond of playing chess with his friends.

Misha`s mother was Olga Petrova. She was twenty five. She was a teacher. His mother was a pretty woman of medium height, slim, with wavy black hair. She had got a small snub nose and large brown eyes, she was very kind and cheerful at all the times. His mother could cook very well. Misha was very proud of her. He liked his father and his mother very much. This boy was proud of his parents because they were caring and sincere. They were ready to help him when it was necessary. They had much in common, they spent plenty of time together. Their family lived very happily until the Great Patriotic War came. His parents were killed during this war and he stayed alone in his house, remembering the happy minutes of his life before the war.


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