Топик 471. (C). Мысли о музыке

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Thoughts about music

I prefer pop music because this style of music is really close to my feeling of the world. Pop music called ‘pop’ because it means popular music which is listened by everyone. My favourite group is Maroon 5 which is organized in England. Maroon 5’s famous album is called “Songs about Jane”. The most popular songs are such as: “This love”, “Sunday morning” and the others.

When I was a teenager, I was fond of Britney Spears. Britney Spears was a princess of pop music, but the queen of pop music has been a legendary Madonna. Madonna is an American Italian singer who has two children and one foster daughter. Of cause, I like the Beatles. This boys band was organized in Liverpool in 1961. Their style of music is a range variety of classical rock to pop music. One of the most important and significant songs of the Beatles is “Yesterday”. The song “Yesterday” is the story about a man who has lost his love because he was not a man that he used to be. And he did many things wrong, hence, he realized that he could not come back the actions, the words that he had done before. He was really sorry about it.

Nowadays, there are a lot of singers who have pretty good albums. As for me, I like Kesha who sings a song which is named “Tick Tock”. This song is about how we should live freely and have fun of our lives. Actually, at present days I do not have enough time to listen to music because I have a lot of staff to do but when I have a little free time, I turn on MTV or radio and listen to popular music. For instance, the Black Eyed Peace and their song which is named “Meet me a halfway”.

Eventually, I am interested in listening to good music or music which is close to my condition at this time. For example, if I have bad mood, I will turn on dance music and start dancing. After that the adrenaline in my blood is getting higher and higher, and I feel pretty cool, and have fun. Music and dancing are my drugs which I do, I do it the best. Music is not only a melody but also, it is songwriting. Some part of my life I was writing songs n English language. These songs were about my feelings, emotions and ideas of my own life. I found the articles which were called “How to write a song” in the Internet. And it helped me a lot because I have known the structure of songwriting. But at first my songs were not so good. After practicing I have achieved pretty good results and some people said that those songs should be sold in Hollywood. Of cause, I realized that it was not true, but who knows? Maybe it was true. Songwriting was a way of improving and developing my writing skills.

Finally, I believe that without music my life will not be so interesting as it is now. I love music and people who love music.


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