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Глушко Марина. Белорусский Государственный Университет (БГУ), Минск, Беларусь
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

The Nature Of Love

What is love for people living alone? Why have they decided once to exist on their own? Maybe they are arrogant, ugly or too freedom-loving? They might also have had certain problems with their former partners. And to get rid of these additional difficulties they came to the conclusion that it will be much more easy and safe to rely only on themselves. Are they cowards, as many psychologists use to say? Are they really afraid of their own demerits and instead of working on them they prefer to play and to live under the guise of sarcasm and criticism? Some of them may have different physical disabilities and enacted that happy private life apriory isn’t for them, they are to suffer all their life long. Who knows?

But to talk about love we should firstly decide, what we are going to mean in these four letters. I incline to the neofreidistic definition that love is a combination of care, responsibility, respect and knowledge (knowledge as a desire to understand a person as a personality in all its contradictions and willingness to help him in advancing his abilities and potential faculty.

I consider love to be possible only on the second step of our social activity rank, after the self-love, or “self-reliance” (R. Emerson). I’m strongly sure that no one can be loving for somebody unless he is able to accept himself. I do not believe in love to one particular person (here we should differentiate the conception of “erotic love”, which we usually call “true love”, and love in its global meaning, which includes all the great variety of its kinds and sorts). Love is also a kind of ability. If you CAN swim, you’ll swim every where: sea, lake, river, pool, etc. If you’ve learned to love, you’re spreading it everywhere around you. Love is an art, which begins from your attitude to yourself.


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