Топик 451. (B). Мой город и люди в нём

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Асликян Грета. Муниципальное нетиповое общеобразовательное учреждение "Лицей города Полысаево", город Полысаево, Кемеровская область, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My hometown and its people

Nowdays people of different cauntries like to communicate with each other in oral and written forms. It makes persons feel closeness of our cultures and traditions. Learning foreign language everybody can e[change her/his knowledge and customs and enjoy her/himself as a citizen of the world.

I consider that every educated person must know at least ore foreign language. English is very widely used as an international one. The hypothesis about threat of English is not true.

Russian, English, German, French and Spanish words became international. Forexample, manager, designer, doctor, hospital, disco, speaker, talk-show, creative and so on are used in every language. I think, it is very useful to learn such words.

I live in Polysaevo Kemerovo Region Siberia. It is a small town. In spite of the youth our town has a lot of beautiful places and mines where our gradparents and parents work and rest. There are many family dynasties of miners, teachers, doctors. We are proud of them. I can name such of them: Ginzburg`s, Mul`s, Mihoylets`s. Our streets, parks, a stadium are named in honour of well-known citizens: Abramov`s, Gorovets`s.

Most of the young people graduated from the institutes and returned home and continued to work and help the native town. Some of them left our town and had a gread success, but didn`t forget to come back in order to help sick children and people in need. I cannot count all of them, but i know one surgeon Yakov Elgudin by name. Polysaevo is his native place, he was born, studied and lived here. He is the representative of the doctor`s dynasty. His mother is a doctor too. From tis childhood he was a persistent, responsible, creative and a cute kid. He was very hard-working.

Two years ago i took part in the seientific confenence and the title of my report was "The well-known people of my town". Before that i had read the article about the arrival of the president of Ohio`s Russian-American Medical Association, who lives and works in America. There was also a group of doctors, nurses and volunteers with him. Then i wrote a letter with E-mail to Yakov and asked him some questions which were interesting for me. I knew that when Yakov was in Kemerovo he made some operations in the hearts of sick children.

Yakov visited our town several times and met wiht schoolchildren of different schools and we spoke only English. It was very interesting to listen to tis American pronounciation and it motivated pupils to learn English more intensivly.

All in all persistence made the dream become true and proves that this person is worthy of being well-known not only in his own town. He is respected among the same famaus people.

As for Elgudin, his popularity hasn`t changed him, i mean, he remembers his native town, helps our schools. We are glad to meet him and speak American English. Hi isn`t an only hero of our small town. We have many famous person.


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