Топик 450. (B). Путешествие моей мечты

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Traveling of my dream

From early ages people like traveling. In the past traveling was very dangerous, but it didn’t stop explorers to investigate our planet.

If I am asked a question “Where would you like to go”, I can’t answer this question immediately. It’s a difficult question for me, because I’d like to go wherever I can. We can choose any place and this place on the planet is beautiful, unique and may be unexplored. Modern means of communication make the world a small place. It is very useful to visit new place and meet new people. Traveling is the best way of learning foreign languages, traditions, cultures and making new friends.

There are many wonderful places on our planet. But I think many people have their own place, where they would like to go (sometimes in their dreams). Sometimes people want to imagine themselves in unreal place in order to have a rest. A person is tired of hustle and bustle or he is thinking of something important…

Very often I imagine myself in such unreal place. When I feel bad I pretend myself a small creature sitting on a sandy beach. In front of me there is a tall ancient lighthouse on the rock in the sea. And I can see only a cold North Sea. Outstanding natural beauty is everywhere and while you are admiring the wildlife you can think something over. It’s getting dark, but the bright sun breaks through the leaden clouds and it makes the landscape wild and quiet and at this moment a few sun rays touch my hands and suddenly it’s getting warm. I don’t care the strong wind, the darkness, and the big waves. This moment will burn in my memory forever. I’m just thinking of our beautiful world and I say: “Thank you, God, for happiness to be born a man.”


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