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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Talking Image

When you talk to someone, you communicate not only with your words but you also give an information through your image and body language. A good image is more than a half of your success within the company of your friends or your colleagues at work! Your image might say much more than you can even suppose. So, don`t be surprised or bewildered if someone will show neglect, sympathy or regard you with favour. One of the problems concerning image is the fact that it is formed or created without your personal wish or intent. Therefore, you should better take care of your image in advance, rather than you will do it after some people have got a certain idea of you as personality. Firstimpression is strong and it will play a mean trick on you.

In reality the image is considered to be artificial not real, it is not you personally, it is the image of someone, roughly speaking, whom you want to copy, or imitate. Image may coincide with your personality in case you strive to become that person whom you create in your image with its habits, thoughts, style of life, behavior in general, and attitude to others.

Discussing this issue over, you should take into account some strategies: 1) Describe yourself the way you would like to look in detail in order to get the impression wanted from others. 2) Compare your previous image with the new one. You need to change yourself but not radically, just step by step in order not to shock people around you. 3) Image is a one thing and your body is another. Sometimes your body language may be a powerful sign of what you feel and who you are in truth. The "encyclopedia" of the gestures will help you not to make mistakes if you just look it through to have a general idea of what is being discussed here. 4). Style of your hairdo, clothes, and makeup also forms a kind of image as a whole. Your appearance should be thought over beforehand in order not to give some information you wish to keep as a secret. 5) Language spoken is important in creating your image. Your ability to speak in a good and interesting manner makes you feel confident.

If you take into consideration these simple strategies on your way to success, you will create your image in a proper way.


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