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What Is A True Friend Like?

I think it was one of my classmates who taught me the true meaning of friendship. Not because she accepted me and kept my secrets, but because she talk behind my back and let me down in difficult situations. For Olga, it was natural to expect that I would help in doing her homework, go for a walk with her even if I was busy, and tell lies to her parents. When I asked my classmate, "Why I should do all these things? Why don`t help me?" she usually answered that I was her best friend and I didn`t need her help. To tell the truth, it was me who stopped our relations, still, I was thankful to Olga because she had shown me what a real friend isn`t like.

A true friend isn`t just a person you go out with or have something in common. Of course, it`s quite important to share interests with your friend and enjoy spending your free time together, but it isn`t the major point of friendship. You can have a marvelous time even with a group of people that you`ve just met, yet they don`t become close or loyal to you. When the party comes to an end, you`ll go home and forget about each other at once. Talking about a true friend, your relationship didn`t begin yesterday, and both of you want to maintain it forever. Not only does such a person support your ideas, but he also accepts all good and bad traits of your character.

A true friend will never talk behind your back. He will always keep your secrets and defend your interests even if you`ve quarreled. Such a person will never criticize your behaviour or gossip about you with your enemies, nor will he take pleasure in discussing your failures or blackening your reputation.

A true friend is neither envious nor jealous. He is always eager to rejoice at your success, congratulate you on getting a good mark or falling in love. It is important to note, that you are free to make new acquaintances and spend your free time how you want. A true friend won`t feel angry and frustrated if you have something in common with another person or you get a better mark.

A true friend will never let you down in a difficult situation. If you get into trouble you can count on him and expect his help in everything. No matter how much time or money he`ll spend on it, such a person will take great pains to solve any problem. A true friend may even risk his own life or reputation to save yours, but he doesn`t want any thank-you letters or money for his help. It`s more than enough for him to know that you are grateful to him and will do the same if he is in a tight corner.

Time passed and I managed to find three true friends. Not only have we overcome a lot of hardships together but we have also had a lot of quarrels, still we`ve never thought of ending our relations. For us, a true friend isn`t just a person you can go for a walk with. It is a person who you can rely on in any situation, it is a person with whom you dare to be yourself.




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