Топик 425. (B). Мои неожиданные открытия

19 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Безуглая Мария. МНОУ «Лицей», город Кемерово, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My Unexpected Discoveries

Last year on a hot summer day my family and I had a chance to go to the pine-forest which is in the immediate suburbs of our town. To be frank we do it very rarely. We stayed at the place on the top of one of the hills from which we had a fine view of our town. Of course, it impressed us greatly. We could see three districts: the modern streets of the Lenin District, the beautiful buildings of the Central District and the huge plants of the Zavodskoy one. I was sitting silently enjoying this splendid sight. Then after a snack and a pleasant talk I lay down on the soft green grass in the shadow of an old branchy pine-tree and watched the quaint white clouds swimming in the blue-blue sky. I was listening to birds’ singing, grasshoppers’ chirring, bees and bumble-bees’ buzzing. Butterflies were flittering from flower to flower demonstrating the beauty of their wings. The flowers were waltzing in the gusts of a warm wind tossing their bright and delicate heads. Suddenly I felt a kind of tickling on my arm. It was a funny ant hurrying somewhere. I turned around and my eyes followed its way. The life in the grass appeared to be very rich. I saw a lot of insects of different colours, shape and size. All of them were busy doing some very important things. The world around me was so wonderful! I didn’t want to leave it, I felt relaxed and my heart was at peace. If only I could stay here forever!

Little by little I began to realize that there was something disturbing my being in the earth paradise. First it was a slight sound of something roaring. Then it became louder and louder until I returned into the reality. I got up. But what was that? There was no more fine view of my native town in front of me. I saw something huge, dressed in dirty smog and roaring like a horrible monster. Numerous crazy cars were rushing to and from and up and down the town. The smoke of the great factories and plants was spreading for miles around making the bright picture grey and dirty. I was shocked.

My mind worked on making other unexpected discoveries. Now I saw people of big towns and cities as captives of their own work. They had created so many things considering them to be conveniences. But in fact they appeared to be vampires taking people’s energy in their struggle against polluted air, unbearable noise, poisonous water and other food products, radiation, unhealthy houses and clothes. People’s creations have become so harmful for their creators that the latters have to think out a lot of other things to prevent themselves from the first ones. It‘s a great paradox! Until recently people have used to present themselves as the rulers of the world. But in reality they appeared to be killers of themselves. The thing which is now taking place in the world may be called a slow suicide.

That case in the pine-forest has changed my world outlook greatly. I became more meditative and attentive to the people and things around me. It seems to me that now I understand the reason of the present day state of things: The most of people’s inventions have been made in the race to get more money and to gain more profits of other kinds. There has been no love and care about people in their minds. The man-made world has been created for machines, but not for people, the main treasure on the earth. To change the things for the better we should learn again to love ourselves and all people around us and to do everything for their good only.


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