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Witch`s treasure

Now, when I recall this story, I really can`t believe that it was true.

Two years ago during my Christmas holiday, I visited my granny in the village. Almost all people who lived there were very superstitious. Therefore, my new friends suggested making divination.

They said that to do this we should call the souls of dead people. I thought it was all just nonsense but I agreed. We took a cardboard circle, wrote letters on it in an alphabetical order and figured. Then we stood around the circle holding our hands. Three times, we repeated the magical words: "Come to us". We called the soul of the witch who lived in this village many years ago according tothe legend. I had a fun doing it first. However, when one of my friends, Den, took the thread with a needle at the end, raised it over the cardboard circle, it was not clear who asked the question: "Are you here"? And the needle pointed to the letters: "Y, E, S". I was terrified. We heard a strong wind howling outside and felt the cold. But Den didn`t stop, he asked the second question: "Where will I find the treasure?" The howling of the wind became even stronger. Several girls screamed in fear. The needle pointed out that he could get the treasures if he found her old house in the forest. Suddenly someone turned on the light and all stopped. I took the cardboard circle and threw it out.

The day after I returned into my town, my holiday finished. For some time I completely forgot my village adventure. Nevertheless, I got a letter from my granny. She told me Den went into the forest that night when we made divination, since then nobody had seen him for six days and just yesterday, he was found, hungry, frozen, but alive, with a big box of treasure in his hands, in a deep forest. He told no one what had happened to him in the forest. Now he is very proud and rich.

I was shocked. The dead witch told him the truth! I don`t know what adventures he had in the forest, but sure it was terrible. Den is just fifteen. He is very brave I think.

I`m glad that now he is happy and everything turned out well.


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