Топик 416. (B). Буинск. Мой родной город и его люди

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Загрутдинов Фирнат. МОУ "Средняя общеобразовательная школа им. академика Р.З Сагдеева", город Буинск, Республика Татарстан, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Buinsk. My native city and its people

The historic city of Buinsk is one of the most important cultural and economic centres of the Republic of Tatarstan. This hospitable city has extended a warm welcome to all quests ever since its foundation in 1780. Today, the city is entering a new period in its long life, but one that is characterised, at the same time, by a revival of the ancient and eternal values of our people.

Buinsk`s population is about 30 thousand. There are two rivers in my native town: Sviyaga and Karla. The heart of qur city is its people, be it Tatar, Russian or other differentnationalities. Ourpast has taught us that economic prosperity is directly linked to the spiritual and intellectual aspects of life, and with freedom of thought and information. And the outhorities of the city try to do their best to facilitate life of citizens.There are 2 institutes, where hundreas of students master the professions of economists, lawyers and many others. The history at any city is the story of each individual, the genealogical tree of each family, whole generations who lived side by side.

Buinsk is proud of its citisens who have won international acclaim and achieved successs in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russion Federation and former USSR. Writers Renat Kharis, Gomer Gali, poet Akhmet Rashit, philosopher of the art Shamil Nigmat, athlete Vladimir Trusenev and other famous people are always in minds of our people.

Buinsk is always doing its utmost not to neglect its cultural development and the problems of maintaining and restoring the monuments ofcultural. There are three parks in Buinsk. In the parks there are monuments to the famous people. Among them is the monument in the name of Vladimir Lenin and the heroes of the World War 2. Our citizens take great care of these monuments.

But, in my opinion, one cannot live in the past, although the nostalgia is strong and the lessons of history are instructive. The city is built for living, and not for memories only.

Buinsk is well-known for its alcohol, sugar and engine plants which produce vital goods, make tax contribution and provide jobs. Moreover, our city is one of the leading agricultural centres in the Republic of Tatarstan. Buinsk has a developed agriculture. We grow wheat, rue, sugar beet,oats, popatoes and other crops in our city. The products of our plants and factories are delivered to different parts of our republic and abroad.

However, i think that, the heart of the city is its people, whether Tatar, Russion, or one of other numerous nationalities who have setteled over the centuries in Buinsk, students or workers, artist or businessmen.

Buinsk is a growing city. Old construction stand next to the modern buildings. Buinsk becomes more and more beautiful from year to year. In conclusion, time and again the foundation and ideas have changed, the names of the city streets have been changed and then restored, the portraits of former leaders replaced. But the spirit of tolerance, which has been so characteristic of Buinsk, the spirit of mutual understanding and forgiveness more people to Buinsk, which awaits all friends with open arms!


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