Топик 397. (B). Кто я в 2020 году

16 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Лазарева Екатерина. Гимназия №7, Батайск, Ростовская область, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Who I will be in 2020

Children look forward to being adult. Adults in their turn want to come back to their childhood. But when you are fifteen, you take pleasure in your age. So I think it would be great if we could be teenagers a little bit longer. When you are young every day brings you something new and unexpected. You are waiting for something extraordinary and enjoy each day of your life. And there are a lot of dreams. You are eager to explore and discover. You are ready to travel by train, by plane, by ship even on foot. You are attracted by everything from space height to ocean depth, other countries, and unknown worlds. So your dream is your constant fellow-traveler.

Not long ago we celebrated the beginning of a new millennium. But ten years have already passed from the moment we became citizens of the 21st century. By this time I`ve become a student of the 10th form and spent nine beautiful and successful years in my gymnasia. So let me introduce myself. My name is Ekaterina. I`m interested in music, sport and Arabic dances. I`m an excellent student and my favourite subject is English language. My cherished desire is to be an interpreter. I often imagine myself in future. What shall I be like in 2020?

… I am as young, good-looking and ambitious as in far 2010. I have the same habits and life conception. My dream comes true. I am a university graduator and speak English fluently. I read Shakespeare and other English authors in origin. To perfect my English I went to Great Britain. And now I`m a business lady. I own a company which prepares specialists of international communication in the sphere of tourism and historical legacy. I am an interpreter. I arrange excursions and often work as a guide. I like telling people about artists, masterpieces and their origin. Just imagine yourself in National Gallery. I am your guide and I acquaint you with a pictures of Britain . My story is very emotional and you are travelling through space and time and finally find yourself in ancient England. Next exposition takes you to the magic world of Victorian times. Day after day I invite visitors to unique universe of art.

Every day, I spent among masterpieces, brings something new: pleasant meetings, unexpected questions. My work helps you to broaden your mind and appreciate both material and spiritual values. "Manuscripts never burn". "Beauty saves the world". "Everything in a person should be beautiful".

Time to time I go to Great Britain. Not many of us can afford such luxurious journey If your dream is to visit "Misty Albion" you needn`t much money and getting visa. I invite you to a virtual museum of history, customs and traditions of British kingdom. This museum I created myself. So just open the door and enter the hall and you`ll meet the Queen. She will tell you /stories about her wonderful lands:

"Oh, East is East and West is West

And never twain shall meet

Till Earth and sky stand presently

At God`s great judgment set."

Do you recognize my voice? Yes, it`s me. No, I`m not the British Queen and don`t pretend to be. I am a Queen. I`m the queen of my profession to which I`m devoted with all my heart.

My fairy tale is not over.

In the evening I do translations, write letters to my foreign friends or communicate with them by means of Internet. Also I invent new forms of business communications with my partners. I want you to study not only your native language but be also fascinated with my favourite English language.

It may seem that beingan interpreter is boring. But I tried to prove that it isn`t so. This profession is creative and one of the best.

I wish it were 2020. No, I don`t want to be older. I just want to find myself in the profession of my dream.


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