Топик 372. (B). Моё путешествие в США

13 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Симагаева Анна, Гимназия №56, город Томск, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My trip to the United States of America

I went to the US when I was 15 years old. I and my mom met with my dad in the Germany. We spent there a week. It was the first time when I went abroad. When we got out of airplane we saw beautiful building of Frankfurt Airport. It was impressing. People there didn’t look like people in Russia. Then we went to get a taxi cab. That’s was awesome! The temperature was warm. I couldn’t believe in it. Because when we left Tomsk it was snowing, and now sun was shining. Then an other thing which surprised me was that I could communicate with people who couldn’t speak my native language. Hotel was very nice .All personal was smiling at us. I liked my room. It was big with nice windows. I could see the city at night, it was amazing. I was sad when we left Germany. Then I spend almost nine hours in the airplane. We flow above the Atlantic Ocean.

We had arrived to the US around midnight. The airport building was not as big as in Germany.

When we went outside the building it was warm, fresh air smelt like just cut grass. I and my family get into the car. It was a big car. In America people call it The Track. The sits were a little bit cold. My dad drove through the night town, it was way after midnight the streetlights were shining but the light from them was too small for me to see everything around. All I could see was the forest. It’s scared me, because I’m a city girl I don’t like spend too many time outside the town. Then we drove near the lake, it was big, and my dad said “Hey Anna, look there are a deer! “ First time in my life I saw a real deer! I was so exited. Then we got our house, o my God! It was huge and nice. My dad showedme my new room, I was tired and when I saw a bed I fell asleep almost as soon as I put my head on pillow. In my window I saw a lot of lights. On a morning when ever I woke up I saw a forest and like right in front of my window. I went up stairs everyone was awake. My dad took me with him to down town, we got into a truck. I was surprised that everything was green already, as I said before it was just April. Town called Rogers in a Arkansas state was not so big. We drove around and I saw my new school. Everything was totally different. I felt like person from a different planet.


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