Топик 371. (C). День Святого Валентина

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Saint Valentine`s Day

This day is called so thanks to St. Valentine, who was the priest, and he has been sentenced to the death penalty. In the 3-rd century AD the Roman emperor has published the law forbidding the marriages. The legend says that the priest Valentine disobeyed that law and secretly married the couples who love each other.

In a dungeon St. Valentine fell in love with a girl who was the prisoner`s daughter and they communicated by means of notes. Before the execution on the 14-th of February, the last note was sent and it was signed "from Valentine". Valentine`s ashes have been buried in the church of St. Praksidis in Rome. The gate of the church has thename of "Valentine`s Gate". Now this holiday is no more a deep religious one. In England this holiday is associated with a secret delivery of the gifts to the beloved. The symbol of this day is the heart and traditionally the couples who love each other send notes in the form of the heart.

As it is known, there is a whole alphabet of colours with a help of which it is possible to express your feelings. The greatest preference is given to a red rose which appeared thanks to the beauty of Aphrodite: she had a bush of white roses, and once she pricked the thorns, thus the flowers got the scarlet colour. Louis the 16-th presented a bouquet of red roses to Maria-Antoinette, and from that day appeared this tradition of presenting roses. There is also another tradition to give cards with the image of hearts and words of love. All the cards have a signature: "To You, with Love from Valentine", or "With Love from Valentine".


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