Топик 370. (B). Почему хорошо, когда у тебя есть друзья?

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Why is it good to have friends?

"Why is it good to have friends?" - I think, that the most of teenagers are interested in this question. To have friends it is cheerful, you can have a good time, joke, rest, you can share them secrets. Your real friends always support and understand you.

If you do not have friends, you are a very unhappy person. There is nobody to unburden your heart. Very seldom, but it happens, that young men have some sensation of loneliness and they, as though regrettably it sounds, commit suicide. Why? There was no only person near with whom could overcome difficulties and problems of a teenage life.

Probably, it is not the reason of such a bad end. There are different cases. It depends on a family in which the teenager lives. Understanding, sympathy, love, supporting - I think, these are the main things in a family. If they are not at present, certainly, it becomes a pledge of all problems of the young generation. As for me, my happy, close, friendly family means a lot in my life. And such problems as shortage of friends and loneliness are not concerned to me. May be, everyone,who faces with such problem, should ask him or herself : "Probably, I can find the friend in my own family?"

I think, that the closer relative and friend than my mummy I couldn`t find... but there are some moments,when you can`t tell to her about your problem, being afraid, that she will not be able to understand you correctly. Here, you come to your true friends, for this purpose they are always near, to offer you a helping hand .

Everyone dreams of having atrue and faithful friend but not all of as are lucky enogh to find one, since real affection - warmth of heart and ability to sacrifice - is something that requires tolerance and love and can be neither bought or sold.


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