Топик 360. (C). "Путешествия Гулливера" Джонатана Свифта

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Gulliver`s Travels by Jonathan Swift

This well-written book is the best satire in the English literature. The main character, Gulliver, finds himself in Lilliput country where little people live. Gulliver after a while has to run out of the country. On the following journey he appears among the giants. The third trip is to the land of the philosophers and scientists and the last travelling is to the horses.

Gulliver`s Travels is the book of English classics. Different genres are included into the book and this puzzles the reader - political satire, travel narrative, allegory, and science fiction. One striking feature of the author`s writing is that thereader is to observe the travels of Gulliver, to understand his travels, experience. The readers don`t need to feel that references used by the author are obscure. There are a lot of allusions and it leads to contradictory interpretation of the book.

Nevertheless, you might enjoy Gulliver`s Travels with its strict satire, with the portrait of the conditions of people in its misery and pleasure. J. Swift`s satire is sharp and is aimed at some certain things and the reader along with the author understands the purpose of its use. J. Swift is logical in his writing and his speculations concerning different aspects of life. All his ideas and hints are easily decoded and are vividly represented as the precise events of social and political life of England in 18-th century. This book in English will be interesting to those who like English literature and the English language in particular.


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