Топик 359. (C). Отношения между Россией и США

10 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Коновалова Татьяна. СГУ имени Н.Г. Чернышевского, Саратов, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Relations between Russia and the USA

Friendship of the USSR and modern Russia with the USA has been forming different ways. There were bright pages in history and not so bright, especially the first years of the soviet power and the further after war periods - period of the Cold War.

The strongest relations are considered to be during the period after the Second World War, when the sore spot concerning the survival and the battle against fascism aroused. At this period the Soviet Union got more than 400 thousand cars, 18 thousand airplanes, more than 11 thousand tanks from allies according to lend-lease (including England and the USA).

In 2009 Barack Obama became the president and there are prerequisites for development of the relations between Russia and the USA. I would like this development is to be used in different spheres of economical and cultural life and in the sphere of tourism. I would like to go to the USA and to see in reality the democratic principle, the protection system for citizens, and protection of their interests. I would tell my friends and other students at the university about my impressions after the trip.

Now tourism (Russia-USA) is not developing well in comparison to other countries. I believe there are the reasons for it as: geographical position and visa support. It is difficult to get it (the more difficult situation is with England I should say from my personal experience, once I wanted to go to England and I failed). So, it is necessary to create students interchanges within the universities for undergoing training courses, for participation in various seminars, and there is need to allow students to go to America at a reduced prices. I guess these will contribute to developing the friendship relations of Russia and the USA.


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