Топик 357. (B). Кем я буду в 2020 году?

10 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Кузьминов Игорь. Школа №1, посёлок Акбулак, Оренбургская область, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Who will I in 2020?

I am in the 7 "A" grade in secondary school No. 1 in the Orenburg region in the village Akbulak. I am 13 years old. I thought, and decided to tell what could be with me in 2020. And that`s what I thought.

In 2020, perhaps I will live in the capital of our country, Moscow. Probably find new friends, but also with old friends, too, will communicate. I hope to get higher education. Another thing I would like to get a prestigious job, which I can earn money, and if the earnings will be good, I hope I can help my country and people in need. I buy myself a steep car, nice big house. I think so, because now I`m learning well in school, play sport, wear stylish and fashionable clothes, I was popular in society, have been receiving a small income on the Internet. And in 2020 I hope to stay in the same smart, sporty and popular in society. If I stay the same then I can support my family and myself, I will always be a lot of wonderful friends. Maybe I will become a famous athlete or a famous television presenter, or will work in sprouted policy.

I certainly want to be the way I describe myself now, because it is very healthy and beautiful!

But things can change I`ll be carried away by what some science, invent or discover something new for yourself or for the whole earth. Can I even become president, but it is certainly my most recent version of my fate, although this too can happen. Suddenly I become an astronaut or a pilot, I doge and not know who I become, I think that I would be able to work in any profession. Maybe even I`ll go to another country or will travel to different countries and explore their sights.I was even able to become a computer hacker and can crack the different social networks. After all I can choose an array of different professions.

That`s what I imagine their future in 2020!


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