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Кузьмина София. Гимназия №13, Красноярск, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)


We often say "I don`t love` and swallow our tears.
We often say "I hate" just to believe in this.
We often say "Goodbye" in hope that we will never be apart.
We often say "Go away" so as no one could see us crying.
We say "Never" when we know that this will happen again.
We say "I fell out of love" when we afraid to confess in feelings.
We say "I have forgotten you" when we live by the thought of this person only.
We say "I have removed your number" and know it by heart.
We say "It`s over" when it is only the beginning.
We sometimes timid to say "I love you" because we too afraid to hear the reply.
We ask to leave us alone when we need somebody`s hand.
We hope when there is nothing to faith in.
Wewait when we know that we are already forgotten.
We laugh at the death and buy loads of medicine.
We say we ignore the public opinion and always look into the mirror.
We love loneliness and hold tightly mobiles.
We think that our home is our fortress and afraid to be blew up with it.
We are purely sure that we are absolutely calm and stretch a hand for another cigarette.
We don`t trust in people`s kindness and cry on somebody`s shoulder at least twice a week.
We are self-critical and love only ourselves.
We don`t believe in the ideal man and every day try to find one in the crowd.
We always speak our mind and lost ability to sincerely smile.
We love mind-bending phrases and can`t understand ourselves.
We have plenty of undisclosed desires and do nothing to put them into an action.
We hate our birthdays and always celebrate them.
We keep our private diary and wish someone would read it.
We say we are not angels and put straight our wings.


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