Топик 349. (B). Мечты и счастье - одно ли это и тоже?

9 февраля 2010 - Администратор

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Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Dreams and Happiness - is it the same?

Everybody likes dreaming. There is no man is the vorld who doesen`t like to dream. Some people dream of a life success, wealth and money, others wish to be healthy and dream of happines in their familes. And I belong to those people who like dreaning. The more people feel happiness the brighter, lighter and more interesting their lives are. "The bird of happiness" can be frightened and you should "take it in your hands".

A happy man brings love, light, joy and smiles, good duds to our world, and it becomes better. And I want to bring beauty and use to this world.

My dream is to give happines. I want every girl, woman and grandmother to be beautiful and smart.

I like to draw and design clothers most of all. Also I like fine arts and fresks. When I do this it help me to relax after school. I always have a fine of paper and a pencil on my table. At first I draw a man, then I think of the clothers he will wear and draw the clothers on the sheet of paper. I design not only clothers but also acsessories and shoes. The main thing is that my drawings help me renew my power and I get energy doing that. To the present moment I have more then fifty alboms of my warks. I think that besides hardwork and brains a man should have an aim in his life. It means that people must achive the highest level of their ideas and plans. My aim is to leave school. Excellently, to know English and to speak it fluently because I want to go to England and study there and that`s why my dream will come true: I will be a designer. And I will be the happiest girl in the world.

Actually our future and social position depends on our activities, work and this defines our future fate and happiness. Happines takes no account of time.


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