Топик 348. (C). Мое любимое занятие

9 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Лёвина Карина. УлГУ, Ульяновск, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My favourite leisure activity

My favourite leisure activity is definitely reading. What I like most is read an easy-going book in a calm and casual caf?, having a cup of hot coffee of chocolate. Apparently, if the weather is nasty and it`s pouring heavily it`s my tint room, where I enjoy this process, lying on my sofa under a warm blanket or duvet with a cup of tea.

I try to read something almost every day for at least an hour or two. However, sometimes I`m so sick and tired of studies that I can`t actually do it. I`m really keen on reading political journals, that`s not typical for a young lady, thus I have to deal with politics in my studies, that`s why I have to now all current events and burningissues. But something I love most is chicky novels! I do believe that every girl has once read such a book just to entertain herself! So have I! It`s "Bridget John`s Diary`" that I like most! It`s really fantastic, thus a bit far-fetched.

Reading involves a lot of thinking over the information you`ve get, especially if you`ve just read a serious book. That`s why I bet reading isn`t an easy thing if you do it properly. The thing I enjoy about reading is that it calms me down after the stressful day despite the information I read.

I prefer reading in English in order to improve my reading skills and language skills as well. In spite of the fact that English books can be really complicated sometimes, especially if we talk about sci-fi, I force myself to continue reading and translating every word to Russian as I believe that it is really helpful.

However, I know it perfectly well that even reading difficult English books can`t improve my languagein a short period of time. Rome wasn`t build in a day either.


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