Топик 332. (B). Мой город

8 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Немчинов Михаил, лицей 1547. Москва
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

My city

I live in Moscow. As everyone knows, it’s the capital of Russian Federation. Actually my country is really huge, but most of cities, also a capital, are situated in the east of it.


Things I like about living in this city

To tell the truth, I love my country and my city very much, so I can’t really choose the best thing of all. I was born in this city, the same as all my relatives I know about. All of them grew up in Moscow and I am sure that if anybody now asks them a question like: “Do you regret you were born here?” or “If you could, would you change your native city oryour country, where you live?” the answer will be “No”. And I absolutely agree with this opinion.


Some things have changed since I was born

Everything will change. The difference is when it will happen: earlier or later. The same thing happened with Moscow. Every new day lots of new thins appear in my city. I know, from the time I was born, Moscow became much bigger and lots of things changed but personally I think that every new change makes Moscow even better than it was before. I clearly understand that it isn’t true but I hope it is. If you came to visit me, I would take you to 2 interesting places. There’re lots of really great places in Moscow and near it. I suppose that every person must visit my city even just one time in life. And it doesn’t matter if they live in Russia or not. As I said earlier, there is a huge amount of places to visit, but I’m sure that every tourist must visit the Red Square. It’s really wonderful! And the second place, I think, the visitor should chose themselves. I have such opinion because each person has their interests so in Moscow you can find just everything you want.


What we could do to make this city a better place

What could we do to make Moscow better? It’s really challenging question. Everyone wants to improve something, but I think, we just can wait and after some time we’ll understand what changes must happen to make our life better and after it we will do it of cause. Even now I can only add that I’m living in Moscow and I’m proud of it.


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