Топик 320. (B). Важность английского языка в моей жизни

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Станислав Булгаков. Школа имени Д.К. Кромского, город Короча, Белгородская область, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

The Importance of English language in my life


The more languages you speak you speak, the more times you are a human being. It’s not surprising, that English is one of the most important languages nowadays. English is spoken practically all around the world. Today English is used by at least 750 million people. It is necessary in different spheres.

To my way of thinking, learning foreign languages is very useful because it helps us to communicate with people from other countries, to understand another culture, to make a person educated and well rounded. As for me, I began to learn English at the age of twelve. At that time I didn’t know, why I chose this language. And now I can say with sure: “It was good choice for me”. I agree that if you see the world only from the perspective of your own native language, you can’t stretch your mind to other peoples and nations.

I have English three times a week at school. But I also have an optional lesson. Our teacher uses a lot of ways of teaching: listening to the cassettes, reading and translating texts and making dialogues, doing many exercisings, using the Internet. Besides, I have marvellous opportunity to communicate with native speakers through the Internet. One of my friends is from America. His name is Steve. We have the same interests. He really enjoys Russian culture. We like to discuss our teenage problems. He always supports me about my future plans. Frankly, I use every possibility to talk with my American friend.I bet it’s a good way to improve my English skills.

What is more, I would like to take part in “City and Guilds” exam and in some exchange programmes.It would be interesting and exciting for me! Learning English at school helps me to choose the future profession. I want to be an interpreter, because I know that it’s a very interesting and well-paid job.But I don’t want to leave Russia because I think that I will have more opportunities here. But learning English is not only for my future career. It also makes me more intelligent and understanding the English speech.

To sum up, I’m aware that learning foreign languages is always necessary, no matter what your future profession will be.


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