Топик 319. (C). Описание человека

7 февраля 2010 - Администратор

Коновалова Татьяна. СГУ имени Н.Г. Чернышевского, Саратов, Россия
Сочинение на английском языке (топик по английскому языку)

Description of a person

Speaking about this person, I should say that I mentioned smile and eyes when I saw her one day. Her eyes are grey with a green colour that makes the orbs just a tad lighter. The eyes are opened to the soul of any person but in this case they lead you not only to her soul but to the inner world of emotions. And I can read any feeling that she has in the eyes. Sometimes it is easy to speak without the words, I think you understand what I want to say, that it is easy to communicate just looking into the eyes of each other and read any thought. Her smile is always beaming and it can even cheer you up.

She wears a quiet and serious look, usually she is down-to-earth. Her voice varies depending on the subject of the talk or a person she talks to and sometimes it depends on the emotional state or mood. Sometimes the voice can be beguiling and laughter is contagious - once I heard it and could not but laughed too. When she explains something, she likes to gesticulate and I remember what she says according to the associations with the used gestures. She does not like to split hairs with anyone.

And the last thing is the following: when you talk to her or when you are next to her in the room, you feel as if the joyous energy flows to you. She likes joking and telling funny stories. She is easy-going and there is no problem to deal with her. She is like a rainbow in the sky, and like a "Cristal" wine.


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